Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coupon Party

So I really don't like go to these parties let alone throw one. . . But I went to this coupon party at my friends about 10 weeks ago and I have saved $100's I mean $100's of dollars and I want to pass on the secret to you guys! The only thing they will be selling is a subscription to the newspaper, so you can receive the coupons in the sunday paper. You can still benefit even if you don't get the paper. I have truly built up my food storage and gotten free food! Our budget for two weeks is $250 and on friday I went shopping and only spent around $120. Blah Blah Blah!
So Where, wha,t and when, you say!?

When: Friday 19th
Time: 7pm
Where: Ryanne's house!

The only thing I get out of this is a $20 gift card if I have 5 people there! But truly I just want to pass on the savings that I have gotten! If you shop at a grocery store or eat food. . . you need to come! Bring your friends who eat food too! Some of my receipts totals are
$41.90 total $14.02 after coupons
$54.60 total $28.03 after coupons
$23.93 total $2.95 after coupons

Just think if we all put $50 a mth away from the extra we save, we could have a killer girls weekend!

If you could be so kind to let me know if you are coming one way or another!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I spy. . .

When my sister came up to our house for Thanksgiving, we thought we would get out of St. George and took a ride to Vegas.  As we were on the freeway, to pass the time we started to play "I Spy. . ."  The way Teaghen and Taite play is  "I spy a green tree, right there!"  No one really gets to guess.  So after a few minutes of that we exit on the off ramp and are sitting at the light when Taite says, "I Spy naked boys!"  We all said what@#%#@!  

"Where do you see naked boys, Taite?"
Taite points and sure enough right behind us there is a giant billboard with the "Thunder Down Under!"  
So next time you want to play I spy, with toddlers . . . DON'T DO IT IN VEGAS!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I know I'm braging but...

We did some family pictures over a week ago and they turned out so cute! So go check them out and tell me what you think!
We also are doing another whole day of back to back family pics again on the 29th for all the people who wanted to get them done. If you are interested in pics and you can't make the 29th let me know and we will work it out!

"It's a Miracle!"

We were at LAX taxiing on the runway when Teaghen saw the pillars of lights outside his window, that are a cool fixture at the airport. He yelled at Taite to look. When Taite saw the lights he said as loud as he could "It's a MIRACLE!" I laughed so hard, and everyone around us got a good laugh too. So the word of the day is Miracle!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Corey!

So in our neighborhood we kinda go all out on big birthday celebrations !  So When I found big ol granny panties at the $ store... my brain just started ticking!  We defiantly hung Corey out to dry!  To bad the sprinklers came on and got everything all wet again!  We made signs like "you put the FUN in Funeral!", "It's straight to the grave from here!" and we did a chalk outlines and said "we found your youth(which it was written inside the chalk outline)  Time of Death October 30, 2008 @ 12:01.

The front say "Happy 30th Birthday Corey!"
The back says "who needs a bra with panties this HIGH!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Everyone!
I know you want to support your local businesses... ok whatever about the local business, I really just want you to support ME!  My partners and I were at the What Women Want Expo, this last weekend and we offered to take a portrait of you and your families at the expo and put it into a ONE of a kind, amazing, creative, fun, holiday card templates for you to run to the store and have them printed out and walla your christmas cards are done!  (that was a really long sentence and probably so not freshman english class correct!) Anyways!  So a lot of you: Quote "FORGOT!"  So I'm giving you another chance!  Click on the link to our Blog and check the holiday cards out!  If you like one of them. . . email me a photo you want on your card and what you want written on it and for a small fee of $15 we will put it together and put it on a cd for you to mass produce!  Or if you live far away we can email it to you and you can burn it to a disc and mass produce it!  
So remember!  You need to support your local business or just ME! 

p.s. if the templates are not up quite yet check back in the morning!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sting on This!

Who says you can't get cute things at the DI!  Well the kid came from great breeding material, but the costume is pretty cute!

FYI: Moxie Creative Designs (My company)  Will be at What Women Want on Oct 24- 25th taking pictures of all your cutie's in their costumes too!  We are also doing family pictures and have templates to chose from to make them into a wonderful christmas card!  Come and visit us!

6 Bucks & A Bottle of Water

 We have some close friends that are very talented. . . No. . . amazingly talented, that are making this film with some other friends.  Here is a preview trailer.

Give the video a second to load before you play it!  It looks great Bryan!  I wish I was as cool as you!  Yah and the Johnson brother don't have to bad of butts either!  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of my top ten most Embarrassing moments!!!

Opps!  So for some reason I got sidetracked and published this post when I didn't even get past the title!  I've been getting crap left and right about not keeping up on my blog!  I'm so sorry.  

Things here have been crazy busy with the boys, school (Jer's too) and working at our new company Moxie Creative Designs!  Yah I know you guys thought it was Moxie Creatives! (I'm clarifying for Mardi because I know she will comment something about the name change!) Some other guy up north had the name Moxie Creative which was to close to our name so we through on the "designs" and walla. . . Moxie Creative Designs is in business!  

So back to the Blog Post!  
I was photographing a wedding last weekend, when I thought to get a picture of a center piece on one of the tables. So to get a better angle I stood on this chair and WHAM!!!! 
the chair folded up on me!  It was all in slow motion...I just 
thought protect your camera and catch yourself with your other leg.  For some reason my other leg never found the ground in time and I was laying flat on my back with all my goods hanging out for the world to see! Yah I was in a dress!  I tried to hurry and get up before anyone could get to me.  But to my luck everyone wanted to help me and my foot was stuck in the chair so I couldn't get away!  
I was so embarrassed that I didn't notice the pain in my ankle. It was all buffy and black and blue!  But it was okay because my secret identity is Wonder Women so I was able to finish the wedding and suck it up!  

Moral of the story:  Don't stand on folding chairs in a dress in front of a very large crowd!

This is one of my favorite pictures 
from the wedding. . . Ring bears shoes


Teaghen cut his head somehow! I think just scratching it with his own fingernails. Anyways. . . he wanted a bandaid, so Jer gave him one right in the middle of his forehead. When he went to school his teacher asked him what he did to his head and he told her that he was attacked by a TIGER! I laughed when his teacher told me! Oh silly Teaghen, he has such an imagination.

Then the next night I was sleeping with Taite, when he woke up at four in the morning and proceeded to tell me all about this Tiger that attacked him and Teaghen and Dad had to save them!
Wow! See what happens went you leave Dad in charge!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Future Yoga Instructor

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moxie Creatives

I know many of you read my blog for the funny things my boys say and do. I don't know if I'm missing the funny parts or I haven't noticed them because I have been so busy lately with our new company Moxie Creatives! So I assure you that I will concentrate on making sure I get better at my blogging again. But for now I have to promote our company . . . Moxie Creatives! I have joined forces with two other gorgeous red-headed goddesses, like myself to create our company . . . Moxie Creatives! So I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats asking, "what is all this Moxie stuff?" Moxie Creatives is a one stop shop for Video Montage, Photography, and Graphic Design (announcements, save the date, posters, anything that needs a little more Moxie!) So if that wasn't a clear enough definition for you then you need to check out our blogspot and myspace page! and . We are working on our website and I will let you know when it will be revealed! But for now check it out! We are running some specials which you may want to take advantage of (remember how you hate putting those family pictures together last minute for your christmas cards!?). Also the video montages make great stocking stuffers for Grandma and Grandpa!

May I leave you with this challenge? Try to fit the word Moxie in at least one conversation a day! I promise that you will be the Moxiest person on the block... who knows maybe the Moxiest in the whole neighborhood!

By the way did I mention that our company is named Moxie Creatives?
Ryanne Day

Corey Allred

Alesha Sevy

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kindergarden! ya waz up!

It is official! Teaghen is now a school bound child!  He is in Kindergarden and loving everyday.  He is in a dual emersion program where he learns everything in english and the next day he goes to another class that is completely in spanish.  It's fun!  He has already learned Red and Yellow in Spanish.  Mom keeps bugging him by quizzing him on his spanish.  Hopefully I will pick up on some of it on the way! 

He is so smart he said "Mom I can see my brain!"  "oh you can?"  "Ya he replied!"  Jer and I sat there and watched Teaghen as his rolled his eyes up and his eyelids fluttered. 
Then he sighed  and said "My eyes won't go backwards today!" 
Oliva and Teaghen (Teaghen's Girlfriend!)
Teaghen and his friend Alex!
couldn't get them to look at the camera!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Picture This!

For those of you who are wondering about my Picture This company I talk about, this dvd is the kind of stuff I do. I made this DVD invitation for my friend's son's Star Wars Birthday party. She is as crazy about birthdays as I am. I love it. I think it turned out well. Go check out my Picture This Blog to find other videos I've done.  Don't forget to tell your friends and family if they want a fun gift idea to give me a call!
Ryanne Day 435-862-7560

Also if anyone is interested I've started to playing around with some photography and for a small donation I would love some guinea pigs to work with.  So if you want an updated family picture or cute shots of the kids give me a call!  You can see some of my pictures on my picture this blogs also.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my passions to make my hobbies into my career!
p.s. Yes the one behind the mask is yours truly!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hillbilly Smoky Mountains!

So when I heard we were going to the Smoky Mountains National Park for our Day Family Reunion I was excited!  I truly had no idea what was in store!  I have been all over the Dixieland and never seen anything like this!  I am sure this is where Jeff Foxworthy gets most of his "You know you're a Redneck..." jokes.  (No offense to my fellow southerners!  I love the south!)

First stop matter where you are, North, South, East, or West you can find your local haven of Rednecks at Wally World!  

First question, "When was the last time you drove your dune buggy to the store? 
If you look close you will notice the gas tank is a keg.  Who knows, they may get better gas milage the all ya'll!

Do I really have to say anything about the bummer stickers!

I saw signs in the parking lot for airbrushed t-shirts and I thought to myself isn't that a little out dated, like the 80's?  Little did I know that Airbrushing is the "it" thing in this town and every store on the main street does it.  So if you have mad airbrushing skills and paint is running through your veins, this is the city for you!  The unicorn is my fav!
The main strip was like the Vegas of mini putt putts, and amusement park rides!
There was everything from buildings turned completely upside down, Elvis and Friends, 50 putt putts, 50 go cart tracks, and tons of confederates shops with Rebel flags that have deer in the middle of the flag, to the little chapel voted "Best" continuously from 2000 -2007!  I don't know who gets to vote because they must not want to hurt anyones feelings.  There was no second place here.  Everyone it the BEST! Also for those of you who didn't know Dollywood is here too!

All these exciting things where brought to you by the great city of Pigeon Forge TN!
Yet 5 miles up the street is a High Class city Gatlinbury TN.  It's like a Hillbilly Park City!  
They even have Hillbilly miniture golf.  It looked like you had to ride a old mining elevator up to the course!
Not quite sure, but I think in other countries cooter's means a special part of one's body!  
Here it is this fine mans name!
Not sure what they serve there but I'm pretty sure this lady ate there! 
"Check out her Cooter's!"  
It was a very fun trip!  Very Educational too!

I do have some more Redneck video but I can't get it to work so if I can get it to work look for an update!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Indiana Jones

Of course we lovvvvve birthday parties at our house! We plan them all year round. . . Well Teaghen and Taite do! Every year I think I have to one up the last party. It's a sick addiction! So when Teaghen said he wanted to do a Indiana Jones party my brain started to tick! We had everything from monkey brains, to the real Indiana Jones (aka Papa!)
We went to the splashpad, which is great for keeping the kids occupied while all of them arrived. Of course we had to do the tribal tattoos. Then we fished through monkey brains, eyeballs and a snake pit to find puzzle pieces, which revealed the location of the treasure.
Once they figured out where the treasure was, Indiana Jones was their guide that helped them get through the jungle, over the crocodile pit, crawl their way through the quicksand, and barely escaped from the scorpions, snakes, and fire ants to find...

One of the things I think I get more pleasure in then they do, is the cake! Teaghen's cake was the Temple of Doom with a bouncy ball covered in frosting and gram crackers, that was rolling after the Lego Indiana Jones.
The cake had a few casualties starting with the temple falling backwards off the cake, then the back of the cake came off due to holding up the Temple. Then the next morning before we left I caught Taite trying to hide in the fridge after he had taken a big bite out of the side of the cake! Man that kid is fast! He always knows he's in trouble because he closes his eye, thinking that when he opens them mom will be gone and no punishment will be administered! WRONG! I never seem to disappear, Strange! I know!
All in all Teaghen had another awesome birthday, and hopefully all were entertained! Thank you to everyone who helped me and who came! Teaghen has some great friends!

Happy 5th Birthday Teaghen!
p.s. Big Thanks to Indiana Jones (Papa)! You were awesome!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

One home found!

This is an update on our k-9 friends!
Rocco found a new home with an older couple who are addicted to the dog whisper! He will be a great dog for them. Her last dog died of cancer about three years ago, and she says she is finally emotionally ready for an new friend. I'm really happy for Rocco! Max is a little upset and let us know that someone was taking his buddy away. He is a little sad and lonely! I won't lie. I cried! I want to cry just thinking about him being gone, but this way Taite won't kill him (Taite is a little ruff on Rocco). Kristin the new owner, was very kind and did call us to tell us that Rocco is the new man of the house and he has already met the doggie neighbors on his walk. (They all go for group dog walks together.) I know he will get lots of love!

Max is still with us! I'm not sure if we are going to get rid of him yet. It was very hard to get rid of Rocco and I don't know if I can do it again. He is a really good dog for the boys. I just need to be better at giving him the attention he needs.

We have a Yorkie Terrier mix (Rocco) and a Puggle: half pug half beagle (Max) that have become good buddies and need a home that can take both. I feel like they need more attention then I can give them with my three busy boys. If you know anyone that would like some great dogs, please have them contact us. We have put an add on but I would feel better if whoever took them we knew or where recommended too. Rocco is not a great dog for small kids. I'm afraid that Taite is really going to hurt him which is another reason for giving them away. They are both house broken and I think they would be heart broken to be separated. They are great dogs and you will be rewarded with lots of kisses!