Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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I have been suffering from a wide varity of health problems and going to one doctor to another with no such luck! Then my dad started to do some wonderful stuff through his clinic in San Diego and suggested that I do some lab work to see if we can figure out what is going on. Tah Duh! I just found out that I have an allergy to gluten on Friday.

The more I have been reading about Gluten and some of the signs of allergies in kids, red flags have been coming up left and right for Teaghen and Taite. Everything from mysterious skin rashes, to ADD, ADHD, respiratory problems, asthma depression, mood swings, focusing issues and more! Gluten intolerance is a genetic problem, so even though I haven't tested them yet, there is a pretty good chance they are. I figured if mommy is going gluten free... so is everyone else!

Needless to say I have been diving into my books and internet trying to find as much info as I can. Creativity, as far as making meals, and cold lunches etc, I'm stumped. But through fishing around on FaceBook, I found a wonderful Blog from a mom who has kids that have the same issue. My biggest issue is addressing Teaghen and Taite's snack time and Lunch at school. I know it will be hard to resist temptation when kids offer them their burrito or an extra brownie. But Heidi Kelly is so creative with her boys lunches I think other kids might want to steal my boys lunches!

Thanks Heidi! I know that down this long road ahead of me, your blog and I are going to become BFF's!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Damage!

Finally back from Nana's and Papa's and we actually had a trip with little damage... Teaghen called 911 and found out what happens when you do, Taite through a fit when told to get out of the pool (Jer was in clothes and couldn't just jump in after him, they almost used the rescue hook), and after many times of getting in trouble for writing on the walls at home, Tavin decided to only color on the glass of a family photo!