Sunday, April 27, 2008

Helping brother clean up his crap!

So we have been trying to potty train Taite forever now!  We have let him run around naked, watch spongebob for hours while sitting on the kiddy potty until he has a permeant ring on his butt, bought cool pull-ups, bought a fire airplane toy so he could see it and hopefully decide to go poop in the toilet, etc etc.  So when Teaghen poops he is excited to share with Taite to get him excited to do it for himself.  So the other day Teaghen was so proud to share with Taite, and Taite was excited to check it out.  After awhile Taite didn't come out of the bathroom so I thought I would see what was going on.  When I opened the door I realized that maybe Taite doesn't want to do his duty because he thinks it's to dirty.  He had proceeded to help Teaghen  by squirting excessive amounts of hand soap on his head while Teaghen was trying to finish up his business!  

Needless to say Teaghen needed a bath to wash his hair, but he decided that I should squirt him off with the hose instead!  I argued for a little bit and then thought WHATEVER!  So I hosed him down and needless to say Taite got hosed down too.  Just another day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Super Hero Powers Revealed!

The other day I was having a conversation with Teaghen when he explained that he was smart because was four and he said he would be smarter when he turned five. So I said "well if you get smarter as you get older then mom and dad are really smart because we are really old, huh?"
Then Teaghen replied "No you're not smart, because you guys don't have super Hero powers like me!"
He is very secretive about his powers but today as we were looking at some pictures we had taken at the Air and Space Museum and I made the comment, "Man you guys get the worst red eyes in pictures!"
Then Teaghen said "That's because I have Lasers!"
Although that sounds funny to us, I truely think he believes it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Funny things little boys say!

I think the best is when out of the blue your child says something so unexpected.  Needless to say having a baby opens up all sorts of new conversations.  So most of my blogs are going to be just the great things my boys say.  

Such as. . . I was holding Tavin on my lap sleeping when Taite asked what he was doing.  I told him he was sleeping.  Then he asked me if he was dreaming about baby Jesus?  

When my mother-in-law had came to see our newest addition (Tavin) Teaghen explained how he eats; "He bites my mom's stomach!" How do you explain that one?

Teaghen, as all who knows him, also knows he is a big Buzz Lightyear Fan!  The best was hearing him try and say Buzz Lightyear and it coming out as Budweiser.  

For the longest time Teaghen keep saying "Bull Sh**"  I just keep thinking  where  was he picking up this language.  One day while giving him a bath he was playing with his boat and then he started to cuss and suddenly I realized he was saying "Boat Ship"!  Thank goodness I had not failed as a mother.

We have plenty of little sticks all over our yard which are used as swords.  Yet when Teaghen and now Taite tell you about there stick it comes out "Mom I have a big di**"  We have a rule at our house that sticks stay outside which also cuts down on the cussing in the house.

Last one. This one just happened right now.  Taite was out side playing with the BBQ and came and told me he was the "Kooky guy!"  I'm guessing he meant the cooker guy, although he is a little kooky at times.

I have many more I just can't remember right now!  When I do remember I will be back to blog.  
Until then "Let Little minds wonder and wander!"