Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Corey!

So in our neighborhood we kinda go all out on big birthday celebrations !  So When I found big ol granny panties at the $ store... my brain just started ticking!  We defiantly hung Corey out to dry!  To bad the sprinklers came on and got everything all wet again!  We made signs like "you put the FUN in Funeral!", "It's straight to the grave from here!" and we did a chalk outlines and said "we found your youth(which it was written inside the chalk outline)  Time of Death October 30, 2008 @ 12:01.

The front say "Happy 30th Birthday Corey!"
The back says "who needs a bra with panties this HIGH!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Everyone!
I know you want to support your local businesses... ok whatever about the local business, I really just want you to support ME!  My partners and I were at the What Women Want Expo, this last weekend and we offered to take a portrait of you and your families at the expo and put it into a ONE of a kind, amazing, creative, fun, holiday card templates for you to run to the store and have them printed out and walla your christmas cards are done!  (that was a really long sentence and probably so not freshman english class correct!) Anyways!  So a lot of you: Quote "FORGOT!"  So I'm giving you another chance!  Click on the link to our Blog and check the holiday cards out!  If you like one of them. . . email me a photo you want on your card and what you want written on it and for a small fee of $15 we will put it together and put it on a cd for you to mass produce!  Or if you live far away we can email it to you and you can burn it to a disc and mass produce it!  
So remember!  You need to support your local business or just ME! 

p.s. if the templates are not up quite yet check back in the morning!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sting on This!

Who says you can't get cute things at the DI!  Well the kid came from great breeding material, but the costume is pretty cute!

FYI: Moxie Creative Designs (My company)  Will be at What Women Want on Oct 24- 25th taking pictures of all your cutie's in their costumes too!  We are also doing family pictures and have templates to chose from to make them into a wonderful christmas card!  Come and visit us!

6 Bucks & A Bottle of Water

 We have some close friends that are very talented. . . No. . . amazingly talented, that are making this film with some other friends.  Here is a preview trailer.

Give the video a second to load before you play it!  It looks great Bryan!  I wish I was as cool as you!  Yah and the Johnson brother don't have to bad of butts either!  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of my top ten most Embarrassing moments!!!

Opps!  So for some reason I got sidetracked and published this post when I didn't even get past the title!  I've been getting crap left and right about not keeping up on my blog!  I'm so sorry.  

Things here have been crazy busy with the boys, school (Jer's too) and working at our new company Moxie Creative Designs!  Yah I know you guys thought it was Moxie Creatives! (I'm clarifying for Mardi because I know she will comment something about the name change!) Some other guy up north had the name Moxie Creative which was to close to our name so we through on the "designs" and walla. . . Moxie Creative Designs is in business!  

So back to the Blog Post!  
I was photographing a wedding last weekend, when I thought to get a picture of a center piece on one of the tables. So to get a better angle I stood on this chair and WHAM!!!! 
the chair folded up on me!  It was all in slow motion...I just 
thought protect your camera and catch yourself with your other leg.  For some reason my other leg never found the ground in time and I was laying flat on my back with all my goods hanging out for the world to see! Yah I was in a dress!  I tried to hurry and get up before anyone could get to me.  But to my luck everyone wanted to help me and my foot was stuck in the chair so I couldn't get away!  
I was so embarrassed that I didn't notice the pain in my ankle. It was all buffy and black and blue!  But it was okay because my secret identity is Wonder Women so I was able to finish the wedding and suck it up!  

Moral of the story:  Don't stand on folding chairs in a dress in front of a very large crowd!

This is one of my favorite pictures 
from the wedding. . . Ring bears shoes


Teaghen cut his head somehow! I think just scratching it with his own fingernails. Anyways. . . he wanted a bandaid, so Jer gave him one right in the middle of his forehead. When he went to school his teacher asked him what he did to his head and he told her that he was attacked by a TIGER! I laughed when his teacher told me! Oh silly Teaghen, he has such an imagination.

Then the next night I was sleeping with Taite, when he woke up at four in the morning and proceeded to tell me all about this Tiger that attacked him and Teaghen and Dad had to save them!
Wow! See what happens went you leave Dad in charge!