Saturday, January 16, 2010

I great gadget to hide all your messes!

About a year ago I found this great little "docking station" for charging all your cell phones, ipod, etc. For two bucks I was able to hide all those unsightly cords that are all over my counter. But little did I know it could be used for so much more!

Mind you, I live in a house full of boys and our house smell like a wet dog sleeping in a urinal! So smells are my speciality! Not the glamorous part of my job! But for the past two days there as been a smell like no other! It smelled like someone had thrown up in a poopy diaper and stuffed in where the sun doesn't shine! Today was the finally straw and the hunt was on!!! After looking over, under, in and out we came to the conclusion that there must be something is in the sink decaying! I put some extra strength drain cleaner in there and let it sit for an hour. After that didn't work, I decided to have Jer take the trap out so HE could clean it out and maybe that would do the trick. He decided work sounded better and off he went! I gave up!

UNTIL my mom texted me and my phone was plugged in the wall because the battery was dying. As I sat there texting while keeping it plugged in the overwhelming smell came over me!
I suddenly had a flash back to four dinners ago! I had made a new receipt chicken and broccoli curry casserole. I steamed some broccoli and it smelled foul but I still continued to make the rest of the dish. When it was done I dished it up for the boys, then one for me. Teaghen was whining about how gross it was and after I took a bit I agreed and just made him eat the chicken. Taite didn't say anything so I figured he liked it. I do vaguely remember seeing him give me an evil smile, like he was up to something but I must have got distracted.

After returning from my flashback I hurried and turned my "docking port" around and opened that back to see. . .

Chicken and Broccoli Curry Cassorole!
Only with some extra mold and alot of really bad smell!
When I tried to dump it out, it didn't want to go anywhere!
Why couldn't he have just feed it to the DOG!!!!!