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Frogs, Fish and Poop! OH MY!

Warning: This Blog includes graphic pictures and you must have boys in your house or a
good sense of humor!
So this happened awhile ago but I really have been sucking at my blog the last few months and I found this entry in an email and decided to post it in the blog! Enjoy! (Kevin!)
For the past few months Taite would not poop! He holds it until he can't hold it anymore and then he births the biggest poops, even for a large man! It's amazing and sad all at the same time! So Jer made a deal with Taite. "You poop everyday for a week and you can get a frog!" I think that would be even hard for anyone to do. But a week went by and everyday Taite pooped! He did IT!

Jer took him and got an aquarium with a really cool shark to decorate. He put up a shelf in their bedroom right above their computer and right up against the top bunk. An aquarium in the boys room. . . I knew we were asking for trouble!
I picked up teaghen from school and the boys convinced me to go to Walmart to get the frogs, even though the water would not be ready in the aquarium until the next day. Of course we didn't come home with just one frog. . . two frogs (Bolt and Rhino) and two fish for Teaghen (Fishman 1 and Fishman 2). They were going to have to stay in the bag until the morning when we could put them in our tank. After carting the fish and the frogs around Walmart for about 45 mins, going through the drive thru at El Pollo Loco, and flying into the back of the seat in the car when Taite let go of the Frogs when I had to stop fast, they finally made it to their new home!
Teaghen and Taite sat up on the top bunk staring and the cool shark and a castle draw bridge decor and the neon rock with the bubble going up to the top of the Tank.

I was in the other room on the phone when... Yah you guessed it! I heard that very distinct sound of a tank full of gallons of water and gravel falling 6 feet to the very absorbant carpet below! Somehow it missed their computer! Needless to say I did not talk like every good mom would and my boys probably learned more new words that they should not learn from their mother! Teaghen had decided to try and crawl down the wrong side of the bunk bed while in the mean time sitting on the shelf!

While I was screaming at my boys to help pick up the rock and get me more towels, Tavin was in the kitchen where he had climbed up on the counter and pushed the bags of fish and frogs off the edge, and was dragging them all over the house. How the bags did not get a hole in them, or pop all together, I have no idea!
Two hours later I was throwing my kids in to bed, without a story or prayers!

The next morning I came home from working out and the boys had their frogs and fish in the bags on their beds. I was so mad because they were not suppose to touch them or take them off the counter. So I told them to get their butts and Damn frogs and fish in the living room. Then Taite said "Come on you Damn Frogs!" I died laughing!
And to make the day even better. . . I had to call poison control when both Jer and I, both gave Taite a double dose of his ADHD Meds! Thankfully we didn't have to take him to the emergency room. Instead he was just really depressed all day! AWESOME!

I hurried and gave the boys some breakfast so I jump in the shower while they ate. I came out to the kitchen where Tavin had an Oatmeal food fight with himself and Oatmeal was everywhere.
I get to the preschool and get ready to take preschool class pictures when my tripod broke. And when I came home and loaded my pictures onto my computer, my card crapped out and I lost about half of the pictures!

That afternoon Jer called to tell me that one of the frogs had passed away. Later that same night before I went to bed I checked on the other frog to see it floating. To make sure I poked it with a pen . . . and yep he was DEAD!
Oh yah, did I forget to say that Taite had show and tell the next morning and he was so excited to take his frogs! When I broke the news to Taite I think he could careless that they were dead, he was just mad he didn't get to take them to preschool. But Max the super dog was now the Show in Tell and Taite was very proud and forgot all about Rhino and Bolt (the frogs!)

In our married life we have had 7 dogs, 3 fish and 2 frogs! Thank goodness Kids are not that easily disposed of!

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Just a little off the Top!

So for those of you who follow my crazy blog of my adventures of my boys, you know that Taite loves to get up in the middle of the night and create chaos. Usually it is with food and last night was no different, except after eating ALL the popsicles he decided to give himself a HAIRCUT!
So I thought why not have some fun while we fix it!


While trying not to make Taite totally bald we decided to make some cool 80's designs !
This one of course is BATMAN!

He wanted me to keep it long, because he keep freaking out because he thought he was bald!

Lightening McQueen!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let them eat cake!

I forgot to mention that yesterday at 6am I walked into the kitchen and saw CAKE everywhere!

We were going up to Cedar City to celebrate my Uncle Stan's birthday, and you know what you have to make for someone's birthday! A CAKE! I guess Taite thought that he had seen me make a few cakes and that he could do it all by himself.

There was stuff everywhere. He had my big metal bowl on the floor in front of him, with a few different kinds of spoons, and a container of frosting. The floor was covered in towels to soak up all the water he had everywhere. He was using a cup from a superheroes memory board game to measure the frosting that he was mixing into the cake mix.

I was so mad I told him to go get back in his bed! He started to walk down the hall, his little butt in superhero underwear was sticking out of his pajama shirt and on both hands he had my oven mitts that were as big as his arms! With his shoulders and head hunched down he slowly walked to his bed. I stopped him to get my oven mitts back. To my suprise when he took off the mitts his hands looked like lemon cake! He had cake all the way up to his elbows!
If I wasn't so tired I would have laughed.

So back to my broken washer... I have smoky camping clothes and blankets, pee pee sheets, skid marked underwearssssss, and now hordes of wet towels and sticky oven mitts to wash!

Wash This!

Yes don't laugh that is really me! Working my fingers to the BONE!

What a day! So I really think that I must be attracting bad into my life because is seems as though S**t has hit the fan at our house.

Last week or so, Taite almost killed my mothers dryer and now I blame him for my broken washer! Really it isn't his fault that our washer broke, but I just want to blame someone.
Yah our transmission went out. I didn't even know that a washer has a transmission. But for the last month or two when the washer got to the spin cycle it sounded like a 747 was taking off in our laundry room.

Our neighbor is an appliance fix it guy. He is awesome! Shout out to Jose! He was like the doctor that comes in and tells you, your washer has gone on to a better place.
Really I think our washer really just wanted to get away from Taite's divinely smelling sheets and his (Sing to the tune of Brittany Spears song "oops I did it again!") "oops, I did it again. I pooped in my pants. Better hide them from mom, cause she's gonna be mad!"

I don't think that this could have come at a better time. We just got back from camping on Saturday and brought every blanket we had in the house to make a soft bed for the boys and of course all our other clothes smell like smoke. Then yesterday while at my cousins Taite peed and pooped his pants not once but twice. And don't forget Taite wet the bed last night. So we have that lovely aroma along with smoky campfire, making my house smell oh so manly! Oh yah I forgot to say that we are leaving Wednesday afternoon for California. So I either pack dirty clothes or ... I send out good thought to manifest a nice front load washer of someone's grandma's that just died and they don't need it.

So if your grandma died or just have a spare washer you want to give away... call me 862-7560.

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I like my eggs nice and fluffy.

Going to my parents house is always fun. Maybe, for the first few hours. They have white walls, white carpet, and white couches... and I have three boys.  Do I need to explain further?

It all started the night before. Taite had be complaining that his stomach hurt. Yah Yah whatever. Be tough you're a Superhero! Then I realized that the cold medicine I had been giving him was backing up the ol' plumbing! It plugs up every orifice in the body, no running nose, no poop! So that night Taite was finally able to relieve himself. When he flushed the toilet that dang cold medicine plugged up the toilet too. After many attempts of plunging with a really "crappy" plunger that keep flipping inside out, the water started to go down. Not great but it was slowly going down.
The next morning when I flushed the toilet it didn't go down, it came up and keep coming up until the bathroom was swimming in pee water! So my lovely father pulled up the toilet to see if we could see anything. Sure enough it was pink and looked like some kind of toy. We still didn't get it out and my Dad had to go to work. So the toilet was left in the back yard waiting to be hosed out when my dad returned. I'm pretty sure I know who did it.  Tavin loves toilets and love putting things in the toilet!

We all racked our brains trying to think of what could be in there. Then my niece Natalie asked where their toothpaste had gone! We all looked at each other and started laughing. It was their toothpaste, their pink Barbie toothpaste, was logged in the S curve. I called my dad laughing and told him that, "Barbie got S**t faced!" That was the beginning of a wonderful day! Determined that I was going to workout, I grabbed my ipod and headed out to the garage. As I came through the door I saw Taite standing on a step stool with a carton of 18 eggs in hand, and the look of a deer in the Headlights. 

The other part of the picture took me a few minutes to process. He had the door open to the dryer and an egg in hand. "What are you doing?" I so quietly YELLED! As I walked over to the dryer and to see the damage my mouth dropped to the floor. It looked like IHOP, Denny's, and Village Inn had exploded in my mother's dryer!
I grabbed the carton of eggs from him and quickly figured out that he had thrown 14 eggs in the dryer. Not only had he thrown them in the dryer but he started the dryer too. Eggshells and yokes where everywhere.

I'm sure the whole neighborhood knew what had happened cause you could hear me yell for miles.
"Why did you do this?" I asked
He replied in a questioning tone, as if to get approval from me, "I wanted some eggs?"
"When was the last time I let you make eggs by yourself?"
"When was the last time you saw mom make eggs in the dryer?"
No answer. Which my kids have learned well, when I really want them to respond to my questions and when I don't.

Forty five minutes of windexing (my parents have no "all purpose" or "get egg out of your dryer" cleaner) the dryer it was back to normal. Word to the wise, don't stick your head in a warm dryer after spraying it down with cleaner, unless you are just trying to make everything disappear, including yourself.
I got my workout done. Had a fun day with my sisters and nieces. Came home helped dad get the toilet back together. Made the kids dinner, and while transporting the food to the table I caught my baby toe on a chair. Instead of swimming in a pool of pee water like that morning, I was swimming in a sea of profanity (in my head), cause I BROKE MY TOE!

Chef Taite!

Yesterday Taite tried to make popcorn with, popcorn, oil, and half a bag of flour. Today he tried to make cookies... I caught him in time and I finished them for him. I think I have a chef on my hands... now which one of my other boys is going to be the janitor.
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Tavin is a Walk'n!

April 5, 2009

So this video is a little old!  I haven't been real on top of things but I've said some Hail Mary's and I think God will forgive me!  

Taite the Dinosaur!

Yes, I know what your thinking... and no it is not Halloween yet!  

After many minutes in the bathroom Taite came out naked!  (The norm around our house, unfortunately.) As I started to ask what had happen to his clothes, Taite says, "Dad look I'm a dinosaur!  Look at my Tail!"  Then he turns around and he has a trail of about five feet of toilet paper following him, with the top piece ever so nicely places between his cute little butt cheeks!

What is a mother to say!  I rolled over on the couch and laugh my dinosaur tail off!

Finding the Cure For Cancer!

Our Awesome cousin Megan is in her last rounds of chemo for her breast cancer, so needless to say she is in our prayers every night along with our Grandpa Day who has Cancer of the bladder.  Every night we ask Heavenly Father to help them be healthy and strong.  So being the inquisitive child Teaghen is, he has asked me a few time what is Cancer and where did Megan's hair go?  So I try
 to explain to him in the simplest terms, but I know it is still confusing to him.  
This Saturday my cousins the Jacob family all went to Salt Lake City to participate in the Race for the Cure with Megan. I don't remember answering any question about the Race but maybe I did, but yesterday morning I was working on the computer when I was listening in on a conversation Teaghen and Taite were having about earning Tokens which turned into earning money. 
 Then the lightbulb went off in Teaghen's head. 
"I know Taite!  We could run and people can give us money and we can give it to people with Cancer and then they can get their hair back!" 
Taite "Why don't they have hair?"
Teaghen "Cause they have Cancer!"  There was a moment of silence...  I knew what was coming next!Teaghen turned to me and asked "Mom, does Dad have cancer?"
After I stopped laughing I just explained that "Dad just doesn't have hair!"
Which Teaghen said it all with a very sad and puzzled look!
So I guess there is something worse then Cancer... being BALD!


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Teaghen Picking up the Ladies on the Beach!

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Hoover Ball


What will become in our Generation!

I was sent this email by a friend.  It is very moving!  Let us all be possitive and make the world a better place for us and our children's and our children's children!

Friday, March 20, 2009

We R all Pooped out!

So on the 18th it was official!  Quote from Teaghen "The bad news is that I don't have my pirate pizza token, but the good news is that I pooped it out!  When we went to the Doctors office the nurse said as she was taking us back, "Now you guys can go through security!"  I was a little confused and thought we had to go through security now to see the Doctor!  Then it hit me!  Duh!  I wonder if it would set off the security at the airport!  I'm going to ask next time I fly!

So pretty much we are starting to go back to normal as a family.  I'm still getting treatment for my neck and it still hurts.  But I'm Wonderwomen Bullet Boobs and thunder thighs !  I really don't know what that has to do with my neck.  Teaghen is extremely cleaned out thanks to Myralax! And we are weening Taite off the Lortab pain meds for his throat!  

Oh I forgot!  I think Teaghen has pink eye!  I keep telling him it's because he forgot to wash his hand and he got poop in his eye! (I know I'm a mean mom but they have been washing there hands! Now if I can just get them to flush!)

Funny moment!  We were saying our prayers at bedtime when Teaghen thanked Heavenly Father for St. Patrick for teaching people about Jesus.  At least he didn't thank him for bringing people guinness! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a (Un) Lucky Day!

One year ago on March 17th at 7am I was on my way to the hospital with "Rub Me For Luck!" written on my stomach with green permeant marker! Yah! I was going to have a baby! I was being induced two weeks early, do to my history of having large babies (9lbs 3oz, for my first Teagen and 10lbs for my second Taite, and both were a week or so early)! I thought, "This is my Lucky DAY!" Lets get this party started! 
My girlfriends had thrown me a surprise shower the night before and made a great basket with goodies to hand out to all the nurses and Doctors! I was thinking as I walked through those doors of Dixie Regional Hospital that "Yah I'll get the best treatment cause I got graffiti on my belly and a basket full of goodies." Everything was going just like I thought it would...smooth sailing, hanging out talking to Jer, trying to finalize the name choice from Tavin Day or Padric Day (march 17th St. Patrick's Day, we thought it was funny). 
I started to feel a little uncomfortable and thought, "I'm gonna get the drugs sooner or later so why not sooner?" Once the epidural was in, I was feeling pretty good. They keep putting that jelly stuff on my stomach to keep the monitors on the babies heart rate, and the other one for my contractions. Soon my permeant marker Tattoo was a big green mess all over my belly! 
Well I think that jelly stuff rubbed my luckiness right off! Shortly after that I remember having a horrible headache that I could not get rid of and to top that off I started throwing up! "Of all days to have a headache...Isn't bad enough that I have to shoot another human being out of my body and to have a headache on top of that!" Soon I became short of breath and it felt almost impossible to inflate my lungs. So they gave me some oxygen to help and I hung onto that mask like it was the only lifejacket on the Titanic! Then my arms and hands started to tingle, then I noticed my chest felt tingly as well............... And that was the last thing I remember! I really don't know what happened, but I just remember felling no pain and thinking to myself, "So this is what it feels like to die! Not bad! I could do this!" Then as quickly as I thought that, I remember my two little boys at home, and the strongest impression came over me "You have to get back to them, they need a mom!" I still cry when I think about those few minutes! I don't know what was happening in my room at that time but I felt like I was being pushed down a giant straw or those water slides where you can't see out. Then suddenly all the warm fuzzes I felt were replaced by the horrible pains that I had been dealing with before. I knew I was back. 
They said something had gone wrong with my epidural and it started to work a little to well. So well, my other organs wanted to get in on a little down time themselves. After that I was very reluctant to have another epidural. But the doctor came and said he would tone it down and it would be all good. After some coercing I gave in and he downed the dosage. 
Still suffering from the lovely headache, praying to the Porcelain God, and lack of oxygen, I was not feeling to chipper! To add salt into my wounds the Doctor told me that if things don't start happening he may pull the plug and wait til the next morning. Are you kidding! I made shirt for my boys saying "Kiss me my little Leprechaun Brother was born to day!" I painted my belly all fun, we have redheads freckle faced people in our family, and our last name is Day! So you don't tell me we are going to have this baby on March 18th... It's March 17th or nothin'. 
He said he'd give me a few more hours and come and check up on me! Shortly after that I had my Aunt and Uncle and cousins come see me. I asked for a blessing to help me with all the pain I was in. Shortly after they left I was saying good night to my boys when I felt my face and chest go numb and again. And according to my cousin Kristin I yelled "I'M GOING DOWN!" (which I don't remember saying, and I'm sure at the time it was scary, but now it is so funny!) Bamm! I was gone! This is the part I don't remember. But I was told that my little Tater Tot was holding my hand and rubbing it trying to get me to wake up. Thanks to my dearest and quick thinking cousin Kristin, she grabbed both my boys and took them out to the hall so they didn't have to see me like that. 
Obviously I came to again (right, cause I writing this blog so that means I'm alive, I hope I didn't ruin the surprise). This time I was not going to get an epidual. I called my friend Sara and said give me a 5 min version of how to have a baby naturally. Yah thanks for the advice, but I should have prepared a little earlier! I do remember something about rainbows, not sure if she said anything about that or I was that far gone. After a few hours of trying natural childbirth with a screaming headache and puking up bile (cause I haven't eaten anything in over 24hrs now), I became a little delirious and didn't know what was up and what was down. So my mom took charge and told the nurse to get a different doctor and fix my epidural. I don't remember talking to the doctor or much of anything else until I realized there was another needle in my back! Within a few minutes I was feeling better and the nurse came in and check me called for my OB... And at 10:58pm, Vola there he was my blue eyed red headed little leprechaun!

So was it a lucky day? Well we sure as crap didn't name him "Lucky"! But seriously... I was lucky to have the great nurses and doctors I did!
So the end to that story! It's one year later on the 1st birthday of Tavin Elliott Day, and I must say "I am the luckiest mom to be able to chew on his chubby cheeks, tickle him until he get the hick-up, and listen to his fake laughs, and get to see that amazing smile that shows off his two teeth and when I'm having a Bad Day I just go get my Tavin Day and it becomes a Great Day!"  

Love ya Tavers!
Happy Birthday

Tavin's 1st Birthday

Monday, March 16, 2009

Update to March Madness!

Where did I leave off!  Well we made it to the three day mark which would have put that token camping out in the small intestines for 12 days.  So needless to say we went back in to get another x-ray, hoping that mom just missed it when she was harpooning poop, and mining for a golden nugget!! Sure enough there it was!  It barely moved an inch if that!  The Dr. thought it was in the left side of the colon from the first x-ray, but when we got the x-ray on thursday, it had moved to the right (which is the wrong direction to the poop shoot!) Everything enters your colon from the right and goes out the left!

I have to interupt this update to give you another amazing TnTnT story!

I was interputed from the blog to go search for a coin in Teaghen poop and when I got to the bathroom... Teaghen is sitting on the toilet with is legs spread to the side, while Taite is peeing through Teaghen's leg, and Tavin is standing on the side waving his hands back in forth through the stream of pee like a little kid playing outside as his brother sprays him with the WATER hose!  My life is so adventurous!  

Back to the previous post!

So I threw my neck out on Tuesday falling off a bucket!  Don't ask!  Then on Thursday I went to lay down with Taite, who if you remember got his Tonsils out that monday.  And While I was laying down I coughed and threw it out again!  Later that night I had to take Teaghen in for the second x-ray and my cousin Kristin had to drive because I couldn't even look to the right or left! Looking oh so lovely and walking weird the Radiology tech asked what had happened to me...Blah Blah Blah I told her.  
Well sure enough my pain never went away so I went to the urgent care on Saturday.  When the Radiology tech came to get me she did a second take and then laughed a little!  What can I say!  We're famous! Everyone thinks I have a bulging disk or a ruptured disk!  Lovely for me!

Now it is Monday... Taite still drools a lot cause it still hurts to swallow!  I'm moving my head a little better thanks to some steroids and our good ol' friend lortab, and Teaghen ... well as you probably figured out after a lot of miralax and poops coming out as fast as a greased pig... I'm still digging around for gold and I am still a poor woman! yah This is the 16th day! We were suppose to go back for another x-ray today! 

But since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and little Tavin's birthday, we thought we would hold off one more day, and with a little luck of the Irish, maybe our redheaded leprechaun will find some gold and the END of the rainbow tomorrow!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Months from H E Double Hockey Sticks!

I know I really shouldn't complain, because what I have is so much better then many people in the world.  But I'm writing this down more for my benefit, so I can look back at this and laugh!  

I really don't know when it started... I think sometime right after christmas.  Actually I take that back!  Taite had strep throat three times since sometime in November.  After he had been on round after round of antibiotic his tonsils never went back down.  When talking with the pediatrician he referred up to a Ears Nose Throat Doctor. Sure enough he said Taite's tonsils would not go down and he needed to get them out.  So we scheduled to have them taken out in two weeks.  So a few days later Taite came down with Pneumonia, and back to
 the pediatrician. Of course Taite can't keep anything to himself, and shared his Pneumonia with Tavin. 

After another round of antibotic and breathing treatments, we thought he would be good in time for his surgery.  We got to the hospital and got Taite all checked in.  When Dr. Gardener
 came in to check on us, he listened to Taite's lungs and said we'll have to reschedule because he has to much fluid in his lung from the pneumonia and they may cause damage when incubating him.  So we said good bye and went home.  I rescheduled the surgery for the monday after his birthday party on March 9th so that he would be sick for his party. 

Then there is Teaghen!  I started to look at his skin and he was breaking out with th
ese water warts all over his body. The Dr.. said that over time they will just go away... lovely!  But other people have given me their remedies and we are still in the process of trying them.  As I was inspecting his body, I noticed that one on his shoulder had become infected and the infection was spreading down his chest and arm.  To Teaghen unliking I pushed on it and to my surprise the puss was like old faithful.  I became the meanest mom in the matter of second!
  I felt horrible.  I keep trying to keep it clean and draining the fluid inside it.  By Monday it had gotten much worse so I took him to the Dr.  And guess what he did?  The same thing mom did!  Within a matter of a few seconds the Dr. became the worst Dr. ever and I was in trouble for
 not beating him up.  Actually I was holding Teaghen so the Dr. could squeeze it, but no one had a hold of his feet and I thought the Dr. was going to get it right between the legs!  

Well that was monday... and we put him on some antibiotics, and we made an appointment to come back on Wednesday.  But by Tuesday night it had spread dramatically so I took him back in to the Pediatric urgent care.  We meet with another Dr. who didn't squeeze it but gave
 Teaghen two pretty mean shots of antibiotics in his legs (yah both legs, two shots!)
  Wednesday morning he woke up and couldn't walk.  We had another appointment that day, and when we went we were told if it doesn't get better by our appointment on friday we would have to put him in the hospital and if the infection goes into his shoulder joint he would
 have to hand us over to a orthopedic surgeon. Not good news!  So we had my Uncle and my
 cousins give him a blessing because Jer was at work and he wouldn't be home until 12 or 1 am.  The good news was that the next day he turned around and the infection started to go down.  After getting the test results back he had a staph infection and cellulitis.  And during all this he had the meanest cough where you cough so hard you almost puke, courtesy of his dear old

Then Tavin... I love that he is around!  I think Heavenly Father sent him to me so that I would remember why I wanted to be a mother in the first place!  He has the most contagious laugh
 and smile.  But these past few weeks he hasn't been so smiley because he is trying to add to his smile!  I was really lucky with my other boys, they never complained or whined when they were cutting teeth.  Tavin on the other hand is different in a lot of way and teething is one of them.
  For the past three weeks we have been able to see the tips of his two front teeth, yet they still have not broken through!  So he has not been 100% happy Tavin!  And then to top that off, he
 was adjusting from nursing to regular cows milk and having a BM was very painful and of course mom had to give a little assistants!  

So about two weeks ago Mom lost it and had a nervous break down  to Kristin and then when mom called I lost it all over again!  So the great mom that I have, dropped everything and flew up here and helped relieve some of my stress!

But before she came Teaghen was playing with a Pirate Pizza Token (the size quarter).  He keep dropping in on the ground and I warned him over and over again about Tavin picking it up 
and choking on it.  So what happened you ask!?  I was working on the computer and talking to Taite when Teaghen emerges from the other side of the wall with tears running down his cheeks and his ghost white face turning bright red!  He started to cry uncontrollable.  I asked him what happened, and he told me he swallowed the Pirate Pizza Token!  
Then I asked him if he had been choking on it and he said yes!  Which explained why his face was turning from white to red.  My heart stop!  What a scary thought that I didn't hear him or
 see him and he could have easy choked without me knowing!  

Now the next step!  Finding the token!  I called the Dr. and left a message about the incident.  When he called me back he told me he had to compose himself before calling because he was laughing so hard!  Yah, my boys and I are pretty tight with everyone at the pediatric office now!  The Dr. told us that we just need to wait it out for 5 days and if it doesn't come out by then, to go to the urgent care and get an X-ray!  1*2*3*4*5*6 days go by and no token so we got an x-ray!  There it was hagging out in his left colon! Along with a bunch of Sh**!  There was no way anyone could miss it, was so bright on the x-ray!  So on day 7*8 I talked to the Dr. and he said if we don't see it in 3 days well have to go back in for another x-ray. So now we are on day 9*10*11 and if nothing happens today we will be back for another round!

So the stress from everything seems to have taken a toll and me, mom... that my neck has gone out!  After paying well over $275 in co-pays and prescriptions I thought I would hang on until my dad was coming to adjust my neck. (he's a chiropractor)  So he came up for Taite's Birthday party and to help us lay tile in the bathroom.  I was really stuck and he couldn't adjust me that well because he didn't have a table. On Monday after, we took Taite to the hospital to get his tonsils out I went to my chiropractor here in town.  I felt a little better, not 100% but better.  But yesterday,  Tuesday I was standing on a bucket to get something in the garage when the
 bucket gave out underneath me and I jammed my neck again and this time it was much worse!  Thank goodness my mom was there because I couldn't move and she was able to take care of the boys while I laid in my bed helpless.  I was back at my chiropractor's a lot earlier then I wanted to be.  Now I'm hooked up to electric stimulation on my neck which makes my head down to my shoulder twitch.  It is really helping and I'm hoping I will be back to normal shortly!

And yes you read right!  In the middle of all this we had a birthday party, while laying tile in our hall bathroom and laundry room, and even had a jewelry party later that night.  And to top it all off Taite got his tonsils out!  
The first day he couldn't keep anything down and all he wanted was something solid.  You would think a kid would have died and gone to heaven if their mom forced them to eat popsicles, ice cream, pudding etc.  but not Taite!  As long as his pain medicine doesn't wear off he his the normal Taite who is hopped up on all the sugar from all the crap he is eating.  

Jer has had a clean slate except for some ulcer a brewin' because of all the stress he's under, and his hand that are raw from helping my dad with the tile.

And we wouldn't want to leave anyone out... which includes Max our dog!  Yah I looked at his eye yesturday and there was something funky going on with that.  But unlike us humans he seemed to be fine today!

So this was the longest blog I have ever wrote and I'm sure half of you didn't even finish it.  But that is okay, because  I really just want to read this in a year or so when things are going to crap and laugh at all the comically things that happened to us!  

Hey the worst that could happen is that we would die... and really that ain't such a bad option... I heard is pretty pimpin' up there!  

Through all this I was slapped in the face when my dad asked me if Teaghen had been given a blessing for his shoulder and I hadn't even though of that!  Duh!  And the second slap was when Teaghen told me how grateful he was to Heavenly Father for making his shoulder all better.

Lesson Learned!  I guess we need to become like a little child and have faith as a little child!  Just don't swallow any Pirate Pizza Tokens like a little child!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Might Be a Mom If....

My girlfriend had this on her blog and I think it is so true.  So I had to post it because every mom can relate!  I through on a few from other people and a few of my own on the end!

You might be a Mom if....
I just saw a commercial with Jeff Foxworthy on it and it reminded me of his "you might be a redneck if..." Jokes. I was thinking that someone should write something that we can all identify with like "You might be a Mom if..." so here is what I have come up with so far....

You might be a Mom if.....
1. You wipe more butts that are not your own on a daily basis
2. You go to the grocery store and see a child crying and trowing a fit and it doesn't even phase you
3. Your car looks like a cheerio and crumb tornado has ripped through it
4. You know who the monkey's "Ooh" and "Ahh" are
5. At 4:00 you think "crap..what am I going to make for dinner?!?"
6. You hate to share food
7. You dream all day of your hidden treat and cannot wait until the kids go to bed so you can eat it!
8. You say "don't touch that!" more than 4 times a day
9. You can carry on a phone conversation while a child is throwing fit in the background.
10. You'd give your left leg just to be able to sleep until you wake up
11. You've gone through a fast food drive thru just to get a Coke!
12. You have an "emergency diaper" shoved in your glove box
13. You start the count down to bed time the second you wake up in the morning
14. You have a DVD player in your car
15. You've dropped your kids off at preschool in your PJ's and no make up....hours later you've also picked them up that way....
16. You don't get a shower in until right before you go to bed at night
17. You never see the bottom of the laundry hamper
18. Your child starts to puke and you reach out your hands to try and catch it
19. You say potty instead of pee and poopoo instead of poop
20. You say to your kids "Oh really?"  "Wow!"  "U-huh!"  even thought those responses have nothing to do with what they are saying.
21.  You say "1 2 3" more then you say their actually name.
22.  You don't know the last time you have got a full 8 hours of uninterrupted of sleep
23.  You get excited when you see a new cartoon movie come out and you can't even stay awake during the chick flick you rented
24.  Facebook is the only real conversation you get all day
25.  You stick the pacifier in your mouth, before you stick it back in your babies mouth after it falls on the floor, and call it good

These are just a few that I can think of at the moment...But if any of you have some I'd love to hear them!

All mom's should get a one way ticket to heaven!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who is the Dog . . . Max or Tavin!?

Can you tell which one is the Dog and which one is the Baby?

Gets into everything ?
Max Tavin
Eats things off the floor? Max  Tavin
Drinks or plays in the Toilet? Max  Tavin
Eats Dog Food? Max Tavin
Begs at your feet for food? Max Tavin
Tips over the Trash can? Max Tavin
Pulls stuff out of the Trash can? Max Tavin
Runs away from Teaghen and Taite? Max Tavin
Glued to mom's side? Max Tavin
Uses the Doggie Door? Max Tavin
Sleeps on our Bed? (a no! no!) Max Tavin
Crys when they see the Boys outside? Max Tavin
Our Family loves them to Death? Max  Tavin

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The week of Taite!

So I have tried to leave up my coupon post for all to see! And all are invited!  But it I don't do this post about Taite I know I will forget!

The first night I made a double layered cake when my in-laws were in town!  That night I had a feeling that I should put the cake up high where little hands couldn't get to it!  I was lazy and just went to bed instead.  

The next morning I woke up to Taite with a butcher knife no shirt on and the cake in a million pieces!  I would have gotten really mad but the first thing out of Taite's mouth was that he hurt himself.  After looking at the big butcher knife I started looking for blood!  Thank goodness none was found!

Second night after the cake incident I made sure everything was put up and out of the way.  In the morning I woke up to find that Taite had found the extra frosting from the cake in the fridge!  Needless to say it was everywhere!  My Rug, the dishwasher, the fridge, the kitchen floor and all over Taite!

Then a few days later I was putting on my makeup in the bathroom when I heard Taite through the bathroom window say that he had to go to the bathroom. (Teaghen and Taite were both outside jumping on the tramp.)  A few seconds of silence, then I heard Teaghen scream "Taite you peed on me!!!!"  I looked out the window at Taite peeing off the side of the Tramp while Teaghen was walking by!  I tried not to laugh... but seriously that is funny!

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one Taite inflicts trauma on!  Teaghen gets it too!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Coupon Party!!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm a Terd!

After a very trying morning, I was very excited to ship my boys off to school!  Taite was the Helper at Preschool and so I helped him bring in the snacks we had brought.  I started to talk to Mrs. Bowen  and as I presented Taite, I sarcastically said, "He's all Yours!"  She started to laugh and continued on with a story.  I guess the Monday after Christmas break, while all the other children were playing with the toys, Taite went over to Mrs. Bowen and with a very frustrated look, he put his hand on his hip and said, "Mrs. Bowen, my mom says I'm a terd!  And I'm not a terd!"  She said she laughed so hard and then said, "I guess it was a really long Christmas break."  

As a parent of children in school, I now understand why in the song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" David Seville interrupts the chipmunks and says, " and I can hardly wait for school to start again!"

Today as I was feeding Tavin and Taite was up to the counter eating his lunch I was watching Real wives of Orange County (a lame reality soap opera about gold digging women!  Real quality stuff)!  There was a guy named Ryan on the show and someone was warning someone else that Ryan is a "Real Man Whore!"  Not even a second later, Taite pipes up. . . "Mom you're not a man whore!"  Oops!  I didn't even know what to say!

Moral of the story!  Watch your mouth and the mouth of the people on your t.v. little ears are listening!  And so is the man upstairs!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

I usually am rushing my boys off to bed at 8 pm so mommy can have quite time! I gave in and let them stay up on new years eve! Taite was knocked out 20 min to 12am and Tavin was gone hours before... but Teaghen was a Trooper! We were at my cousins, where we played the wii all night long until it was time. We all ran upstairs to watch the ball drop in Time Square on the TV. We were passing around the bubbly (sparkly cider). Teaghen was reluctant to drink it until I explained to him that it was just apple juice with some bubbles!! So as we counted down I watched Teaghen place his cup to his lips shaking with excitement! As soon as we counted to one, Teaghen started to chug his drink. Then he got embarrassed as he watched everyone give each other cheers. It was pretty cute! He was trying to be so mature. Then he went around and gave everyone hugs and said "I wish you a happy new year!" But defiantly no new years Kiss! Jer was working and Teaghen doesn't go there! (I'm a girl!)

Coupon Party update

I will be having another coupon party on the 30th of Jan at 7 pm! mark it on your calendar! I had to reschedule my last party. let me know if you can come! bring a friend; it will be well worth your time!