Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who is the Dog . . . Max or Tavin!?

Can you tell which one is the Dog and which one is the Baby?

Gets into everything ?
Max Tavin
Eats things off the floor? Max  Tavin
Drinks or plays in the Toilet? Max  Tavin
Eats Dog Food? Max Tavin
Begs at your feet for food? Max Tavin
Tips over the Trash can? Max Tavin
Pulls stuff out of the Trash can? Max Tavin
Runs away from Teaghen and Taite? Max Tavin
Glued to mom's side? Max Tavin
Uses the Doggie Door? Max Tavin
Sleeps on our Bed? (a no! no!) Max Tavin
Crys when they see the Boys outside? Max Tavin
Our Family loves them to Death? Max  Tavin


The Burrs said...

LOL! Isn't that the truth! How did your party go? I almost wrote potty, it has overcome my life for the moment.

Mardi said...

Sounds like you have a handful...I'm assuming that they both do all those things!! I can't believe how big he has gotten..I swear it seams like you just had him and he will be a year next month! CRAZY! Isn't it funny just how fast a year flies by when you are NOT pregnant!

PS. hope your boobs are doing well! ha ha I just went through the whole "drying up" process and Kaden called me "rock tit" for the entire time! So be thankful you probably have a much more loving husband than I!

The Childs said...

What is this about your boobs? Are you done nursing? I have to say the answer is both of them. I can't believe Tavin's legs. Sometimes I wish I had a chunky baby like that. But then I carry one around for awhile and change my mind!

Cher said...

Ha! They really do lots of the same things. How convenient the doggy door is for Tavin!

Claudia/Rob said...

hey!! Yes I met my fiance in that singles ward! WE became really good friends like a year and a half ago and have been like best friends since, then started dating in september, started talking marriage in november, got engaged officially in january!! We are getting married in april!! Of course you can link my blog to yours!! I already am having hope clyde do my photography-sorry I had no idea you did that stuff!! Oh man its been forever since I've seen you I bet your baby is so big my now!! Well I hope your having a fabulous day!! It's so good to hear from you!! Thanks!!