Friday, February 27, 2009

The Months from H E Double Hockey Sticks!

I know I really shouldn't complain, because what I have is so much better then many people in the world.  But I'm writing this down more for my benefit, so I can look back at this and laugh!  

I really don't know when it started... I think sometime right after christmas.  Actually I take that back!  Taite had strep throat three times since sometime in November.  After he had been on round after round of antibiotic his tonsils never went back down.  When talking with the pediatrician he referred up to a Ears Nose Throat Doctor. Sure enough he said Taite's tonsils would not go down and he needed to get them out.  So we scheduled to have them taken out in two weeks.  So a few days later Taite came down with Pneumonia, and back to
 the pediatrician. Of course Taite can't keep anything to himself, and shared his Pneumonia with Tavin. 

After another round of antibotic and breathing treatments, we thought he would be good in time for his surgery.  We got to the hospital and got Taite all checked in.  When Dr. Gardener
 came in to check on us, he listened to Taite's lungs and said we'll have to reschedule because he has to much fluid in his lung from the pneumonia and they may cause damage when incubating him.  So we said good bye and went home.  I rescheduled the surgery for the monday after his birthday party on March 9th so that he would be sick for his party. 

Then there is Teaghen!  I started to look at his skin and he was breaking out with th
ese water warts all over his body. The Dr.. said that over time they will just go away... lovely!  But other people have given me their remedies and we are still in the process of trying them.  As I was inspecting his body, I noticed that one on his shoulder had become infected and the infection was spreading down his chest and arm.  To Teaghen unliking I pushed on it and to my surprise the puss was like old faithful.  I became the meanest mom in the matter of second!
  I felt horrible.  I keep trying to keep it clean and draining the fluid inside it.  By Monday it had gotten much worse so I took him to the Dr.  And guess what he did?  The same thing mom did!  Within a matter of a few seconds the Dr. became the worst Dr. ever and I was in trouble for
 not beating him up.  Actually I was holding Teaghen so the Dr. could squeeze it, but no one had a hold of his feet and I thought the Dr. was going to get it right between the legs!  

Well that was monday... and we put him on some antibiotics, and we made an appointment to come back on Wednesday.  But by Tuesday night it had spread dramatically so I took him back in to the Pediatric urgent care.  We meet with another Dr. who didn't squeeze it but gave
 Teaghen two pretty mean shots of antibiotics in his legs (yah both legs, two shots!)
  Wednesday morning he woke up and couldn't walk.  We had another appointment that day, and when we went we were told if it doesn't get better by our appointment on friday we would have to put him in the hospital and if the infection goes into his shoulder joint he would
 have to hand us over to a orthopedic surgeon. Not good news!  So we had my Uncle and my
 cousins give him a blessing because Jer was at work and he wouldn't be home until 12 or 1 am.  The good news was that the next day he turned around and the infection started to go down.  After getting the test results back he had a staph infection and cellulitis.  And during all this he had the meanest cough where you cough so hard you almost puke, courtesy of his dear old

Then Tavin... I love that he is around!  I think Heavenly Father sent him to me so that I would remember why I wanted to be a mother in the first place!  He has the most contagious laugh
 and smile.  But these past few weeks he hasn't been so smiley because he is trying to add to his smile!  I was really lucky with my other boys, they never complained or whined when they were cutting teeth.  Tavin on the other hand is different in a lot of way and teething is one of them.
  For the past three weeks we have been able to see the tips of his two front teeth, yet they still have not broken through!  So he has not been 100% happy Tavin!  And then to top that off, he
 was adjusting from nursing to regular cows milk and having a BM was very painful and of course mom had to give a little assistants!  

So about two weeks ago Mom lost it and had a nervous break down  to Kristin and then when mom called I lost it all over again!  So the great mom that I have, dropped everything and flew up here and helped relieve some of my stress!

But before she came Teaghen was playing with a Pirate Pizza Token (the size quarter).  He keep dropping in on the ground and I warned him over and over again about Tavin picking it up 
and choking on it.  So what happened you ask!?  I was working on the computer and talking to Taite when Teaghen emerges from the other side of the wall with tears running down his cheeks and his ghost white face turning bright red!  He started to cry uncontrollable.  I asked him what happened, and he told me he swallowed the Pirate Pizza Token!  
Then I asked him if he had been choking on it and he said yes!  Which explained why his face was turning from white to red.  My heart stop!  What a scary thought that I didn't hear him or
 see him and he could have easy choked without me knowing!  

Now the next step!  Finding the token!  I called the Dr. and left a message about the incident.  When he called me back he told me he had to compose himself before calling because he was laughing so hard!  Yah, my boys and I are pretty tight with everyone at the pediatric office now!  The Dr. told us that we just need to wait it out for 5 days and if it doesn't come out by then, to go to the urgent care and get an X-ray!  1*2*3*4*5*6 days go by and no token so we got an x-ray!  There it was hagging out in his left colon! Along with a bunch of Sh**!  There was no way anyone could miss it, was so bright on the x-ray!  So on day 7*8 I talked to the Dr. and he said if we don't see it in 3 days well have to go back in for another x-ray. So now we are on day 9*10*11 and if nothing happens today we will be back for another round!

So the stress from everything seems to have taken a toll and me, mom... that my neck has gone out!  After paying well over $275 in co-pays and prescriptions I thought I would hang on until my dad was coming to adjust my neck. (he's a chiropractor)  So he came up for Taite's Birthday party and to help us lay tile in the bathroom.  I was really stuck and he couldn't adjust me that well because he didn't have a table. On Monday after, we took Taite to the hospital to get his tonsils out I went to my chiropractor here in town.  I felt a little better, not 100% but better.  But yesterday,  Tuesday I was standing on a bucket to get something in the garage when the
 bucket gave out underneath me and I jammed my neck again and this time it was much worse!  Thank goodness my mom was there because I couldn't move and she was able to take care of the boys while I laid in my bed helpless.  I was back at my chiropractor's a lot earlier then I wanted to be.  Now I'm hooked up to electric stimulation on my neck which makes my head down to my shoulder twitch.  It is really helping and I'm hoping I will be back to normal shortly!

And yes you read right!  In the middle of all this we had a birthday party, while laying tile in our hall bathroom and laundry room, and even had a jewelry party later that night.  And to top it all off Taite got his tonsils out!  
The first day he couldn't keep anything down and all he wanted was something solid.  You would think a kid would have died and gone to heaven if their mom forced them to eat popsicles, ice cream, pudding etc.  but not Taite!  As long as his pain medicine doesn't wear off he his the normal Taite who is hopped up on all the sugar from all the crap he is eating.  

Jer has had a clean slate except for some ulcer a brewin' because of all the stress he's under, and his hand that are raw from helping my dad with the tile.

And we wouldn't want to leave anyone out... which includes Max our dog!  Yah I looked at his eye yesturday and there was something funky going on with that.  But unlike us humans he seemed to be fine today!

So this was the longest blog I have ever wrote and I'm sure half of you didn't even finish it.  But that is okay, because  I really just want to read this in a year or so when things are going to crap and laugh at all the comically things that happened to us!  

Hey the worst that could happen is that we would die... and really that ain't such a bad option... I heard is pretty pimpin' up there!  

Through all this I was slapped in the face when my dad asked me if Teaghen had been given a blessing for his shoulder and I hadn't even though of that!  Duh!  And the second slap was when Teaghen told me how grateful he was to Heavenly Father for making his shoulder all better.

Lesson Learned!  I guess we need to become like a little child and have faith as a little child!  Just don't swallow any Pirate Pizza Tokens like a little child!



Threlfall Mysteries said...

WOW, 'nuff said!!! BLESS YOUR HEART. I would have had the break down about a month sooner than you, you go girl!

Kellie, Jeremy, Natalie, Emma and Dani said...

YOU'RE FREAKING AWESOME Aunt Ryanne!!!! After we stopped laughing our butts off, we thought you needed to know how much we love you and hope and PRAY you get a break. We'll ask Heavenly Father to send a few more angels and a few less illnesses (or Pirate Pizza Tokens) your way! Love, Kellie and Natalie

Cher said...

HOLY CRAP! Can I say that on here? I just had too because girl I was exhausted just reading about what you have been going through. Any one single one of those incidences would have sent me into a nervous break down.
Now if that token would just poop out then maybe you could get a rest. Who am I kidding right? You are still a mom to 3 boys and max.
I am so sorry. I am sending good thoughts your way.

Cher said...

P.S. One day you WILL read your post and laugh.

Emily said...

aww....One day you will look back and laugh at all this, but in the meantime, I hope you feel better soon! Your boys are adorable, by the way!

Angie said...

Ryanne, I am nominating you as "Mother of the Year"!! I had no idea so much has been happening... I don't know anyone else that could be such a rock through a marathon of trials like you, you are so awesome!!! I hope your keeping notes because you could totally write a book one day. Just know you and your crew are in my thought and in my prayers, and if there is anything that I can do, I'm totally happy to help!!

Kevin said...

Seriously Ryanne, you are such a stud!!! I love you guys! Thanks for writing it all down! :-) I'll be checking back for updates regularly, I hope everything works out okay with Teaghan. You guys are so awesome!!!

Britt said...

speechless. what do you really say to that. glad you survived.