Monday, March 16, 2009

Update to March Madness!

Where did I leave off!  Well we made it to the three day mark which would have put that token camping out in the small intestines for 12 days.  So needless to say we went back in to get another x-ray, hoping that mom just missed it when she was harpooning poop, and mining for a golden nugget!! Sure enough there it was!  It barely moved an inch if that!  The Dr. thought it was in the left side of the colon from the first x-ray, but when we got the x-ray on thursday, it had moved to the right (which is the wrong direction to the poop shoot!) Everything enters your colon from the right and goes out the left!

I have to interupt this update to give you another amazing TnTnT story!

I was interputed from the blog to go search for a coin in Teaghen poop and when I got to the bathroom... Teaghen is sitting on the toilet with is legs spread to the side, while Taite is peeing through Teaghen's leg, and Tavin is standing on the side waving his hands back in forth through the stream of pee like a little kid playing outside as his brother sprays him with the WATER hose!  My life is so adventurous!  

Back to the previous post!

So I threw my neck out on Tuesday falling off a bucket!  Don't ask!  Then on Thursday I went to lay down with Taite, who if you remember got his Tonsils out that monday.  And While I was laying down I coughed and threw it out again!  Later that night I had to take Teaghen in for the second x-ray and my cousin Kristin had to drive because I couldn't even look to the right or left! Looking oh so lovely and walking weird the Radiology tech asked what had happened to me...Blah Blah Blah I told her.  
Well sure enough my pain never went away so I went to the urgent care on Saturday.  When the Radiology tech came to get me she did a second take and then laughed a little!  What can I say!  We're famous! Everyone thinks I have a bulging disk or a ruptured disk!  Lovely for me!

Now it is Monday... Taite still drools a lot cause it still hurts to swallow!  I'm moving my head a little better thanks to some steroids and our good ol' friend lortab, and Teaghen ... well as you probably figured out after a lot of miralax and poops coming out as fast as a greased pig... I'm still digging around for gold and I am still a poor woman! yah This is the 16th day! We were suppose to go back for another x-ray today! 

But since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and little Tavin's birthday, we thought we would hold off one more day, and with a little luck of the Irish, maybe our redheaded leprechaun will find some gold and the END of the rainbow tomorrow!


Hopie said...

I am laughing so hard right now I might shoot a Pirate Island Pizza token out of MY butt!!!! You're killing me Ryanne. Way to have a sense of humor about this all!!!!

The Larsons said...

OH MAN, I LOVE YOU GUYS !!! What more can I say other than, Ryanne you are the best mom ever..Love Deb

Cher said...

Nice Irish picture! I am dying for that token to just GET OUT ALREADY! And I'm not even the one digging through the pooh everyday to find it!!! Good luck and keep us posted.
P.S. I am so sorry about your neck. That has got to be so painful!

Hopie said...

So, I hope you don't hate me for doing this, but I just sent the Ellen DeGeneres show the link to this blog post. I think she and her staff will get a laugh at this post!!! No violence, now!!!

The 5 Happy Dayz said...

Thanks Hope! That is actually a compliment!

Angie said...

I am laughing histerically right now! You are such a good mom to not be freaking out right now! I can see the toilet scene happening. HILARIOUS!! Glad you have such a good sense of humor, some would be over the edge, but I love that you blog about it! Good Luck with the coin. You better frame it when it comes out!