Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a (Un) Lucky Day!

One year ago on March 17th at 7am I was on my way to the hospital with "Rub Me For Luck!" written on my stomach with green permeant marker! Yah! I was going to have a baby! I was being induced two weeks early, do to my history of having large babies (9lbs 3oz, for my first Teagen and 10lbs for my second Taite, and both were a week or so early)! I thought, "This is my Lucky DAY!" Lets get this party started! 
My girlfriends had thrown me a surprise shower the night before and made a great basket with goodies to hand out to all the nurses and Doctors! I was thinking as I walked through those doors of Dixie Regional Hospital that "Yah I'll get the best treatment cause I got graffiti on my belly and a basket full of goodies." Everything was going just like I thought it would...smooth sailing, hanging out talking to Jer, trying to finalize the name choice from Tavin Day or Padric Day (march 17th St. Patrick's Day, we thought it was funny). 
I started to feel a little uncomfortable and thought, "I'm gonna get the drugs sooner or later so why not sooner?" Once the epidural was in, I was feeling pretty good. They keep putting that jelly stuff on my stomach to keep the monitors on the babies heart rate, and the other one for my contractions. Soon my permeant marker Tattoo was a big green mess all over my belly! 
Well I think that jelly stuff rubbed my luckiness right off! Shortly after that I remember having a horrible headache that I could not get rid of and to top that off I started throwing up! "Of all days to have a headache...Isn't bad enough that I have to shoot another human being out of my body and to have a headache on top of that!" Soon I became short of breath and it felt almost impossible to inflate my lungs. So they gave me some oxygen to help and I hung onto that mask like it was the only lifejacket on the Titanic! Then my arms and hands started to tingle, then I noticed my chest felt tingly as well............... And that was the last thing I remember! I really don't know what happened, but I just remember felling no pain and thinking to myself, "So this is what it feels like to die! Not bad! I could do this!" Then as quickly as I thought that, I remember my two little boys at home, and the strongest impression came over me "You have to get back to them, they need a mom!" I still cry when I think about those few minutes! I don't know what was happening in my room at that time but I felt like I was being pushed down a giant straw or those water slides where you can't see out. Then suddenly all the warm fuzzes I felt were replaced by the horrible pains that I had been dealing with before. I knew I was back. 
They said something had gone wrong with my epidural and it started to work a little to well. So well, my other organs wanted to get in on a little down time themselves. After that I was very reluctant to have another epidural. But the doctor came and said he would tone it down and it would be all good. After some coercing I gave in and he downed the dosage. 
Still suffering from the lovely headache, praying to the Porcelain God, and lack of oxygen, I was not feeling to chipper! To add salt into my wounds the Doctor told me that if things don't start happening he may pull the plug and wait til the next morning. Are you kidding! I made shirt for my boys saying "Kiss me my little Leprechaun Brother was born to day!" I painted my belly all fun, we have redheads freckle faced people in our family, and our last name is Day! So you don't tell me we are going to have this baby on March 18th... It's March 17th or nothin'. 
He said he'd give me a few more hours and come and check up on me! Shortly after that I had my Aunt and Uncle and cousins come see me. I asked for a blessing to help me with all the pain I was in. Shortly after they left I was saying good night to my boys when I felt my face and chest go numb and again. And according to my cousin Kristin I yelled "I'M GOING DOWN!" (which I don't remember saying, and I'm sure at the time it was scary, but now it is so funny!) Bamm! I was gone! This is the part I don't remember. But I was told that my little Tater Tot was holding my hand and rubbing it trying to get me to wake up. Thanks to my dearest and quick thinking cousin Kristin, she grabbed both my boys and took them out to the hall so they didn't have to see me like that. 
Obviously I came to again (right, cause I writing this blog so that means I'm alive, I hope I didn't ruin the surprise). This time I was not going to get an epidual. I called my friend Sara and said give me a 5 min version of how to have a baby naturally. Yah thanks for the advice, but I should have prepared a little earlier! I do remember something about rainbows, not sure if she said anything about that or I was that far gone. After a few hours of trying natural childbirth with a screaming headache and puking up bile (cause I haven't eaten anything in over 24hrs now), I became a little delirious and didn't know what was up and what was down. So my mom took charge and told the nurse to get a different doctor and fix my epidural. I don't remember talking to the doctor or much of anything else until I realized there was another needle in my back! Within a few minutes I was feeling better and the nurse came in and check me called for my OB... And at 10:58pm, Vola there he was my blue eyed red headed little leprechaun!

So was it a lucky day? Well we sure as crap didn't name him "Lucky"! But seriously... I was lucky to have the great nurses and doctors I did!
So the end to that story! It's one year later on the 1st birthday of Tavin Elliott Day, and I must say "I am the luckiest mom to be able to chew on his chubby cheeks, tickle him until he get the hick-up, and listen to his fake laughs, and get to see that amazing smile that shows off his two teeth and when I'm having a Bad Day I just go get my Tavin Day and it becomes a Great Day!"  

Love ya Tavers!
Happy Birthday


The Childs said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe all of that! How are you even still alive and operating. YOu deserve a month away anywhere! That is insane. You always amaze me because you handle all of your stress and still walk around smiling! And yes, you will laugh about this someday.

Mardi said...

Tavin is so cute! I love his big blue eyes! He and Kate are going to give us b-e-a-u-tiful grand babies!! ha ha!

The Colvins said...

You are halarious!! What a crazy and wild day--Tavin is such a cutie pie.

Ronni Blair said...

Ya you would never know the things you have been through. I thought I had big babies, my biggest was 8.9 you have me beat! Well I am glad you are stil here, that was neat to read. Thanks!