Friday, March 20, 2009

We R all Pooped out!

So on the 18th it was official!  Quote from Teaghen "The bad news is that I don't have my pirate pizza token, but the good news is that I pooped it out!  When we went to the Doctors office the nurse said as she was taking us back, "Now you guys can go through security!"  I was a little confused and thought we had to go through security now to see the Doctor!  Then it hit me!  Duh!  I wonder if it would set off the security at the airport!  I'm going to ask next time I fly!

So pretty much we are starting to go back to normal as a family.  I'm still getting treatment for my neck and it still hurts.  But I'm Wonderwomen Bullet Boobs and thunder thighs !  I really don't know what that has to do with my neck.  Teaghen is extremely cleaned out thanks to Myralax! And we are weening Taite off the Lortab pain meds for his throat!  

Oh I forgot!  I think Teaghen has pink eye!  I keep telling him it's because he forgot to wash his hand and he got poop in his eye! (I know I'm a mean mom but they have been washing there hands! Now if I can just get them to flush!)

Funny moment!  We were saying our prayers at bedtime when Teaghen thanked Heavenly Father for St. Patrick for teaching people about Jesus.  At least he didn't thank him for bringing people guinness! 


Emily said...

Yeah!! Aside from the possible pink eye it sounds like things might be turning around for you buys...just get that neck better too! Hang in there, Wonder Woman! And remember, I'm still here for you!

Mardi said...

CHA-CHING!! I'm glad he got the token out...even more glad I don't have to hear about your son's bowel movements anymore!! HA HA

Seriously though...I'm glad things seem to be going better now! Hopefully you won't have anymore sickies! I think you have paid enough dues for one year!!