Saturday, December 26, 2009

Frogs, Fish and Poop! OH MY!

Warning: This Blog includes graphic pictures and you must have boys in your house or a
good sense of humor!
So this happened awhile ago but I really have been sucking at my blog the last few months and I found this entry in an email and decided to post it in the blog! Enjoy! (Kevin!)
For the past few months Taite would not poop! He holds it until he can't hold it anymore and then he births the biggest poops, even for a large man! It's amazing and sad all at the same time! So Jer made a deal with Taite. "You poop everyday for a week and you can get a frog!" I think that would be even hard for anyone to do. But a week went by and everyday Taite pooped! He did IT!

Jer took him and got an aquarium with a really cool shark to decorate. He put up a shelf in their bedroom right above their computer and right up against the top bunk. An aquarium in the boys room. . . I knew we were asking for trouble!
I picked up teaghen from school and the boys convinced me to go to Walmart to get the frogs, even though the water would not be ready in the aquarium until the next day. Of course we didn't come home with just one frog. . . two frogs (Bolt and Rhino) and two fish for Teaghen (Fishman 1 and Fishman 2). They were going to have to stay in the bag until the morning when we could put them in our tank. After carting the fish and the frogs around Walmart for about 45 mins, going through the drive thru at El Pollo Loco, and flying into the back of the seat in the car when Taite let go of the Frogs when I had to stop fast, they finally made it to their new home!
Teaghen and Taite sat up on the top bunk staring and the cool shark and a castle draw bridge decor and the neon rock with the bubble going up to the top of the Tank.

I was in the other room on the phone when... Yah you guessed it! I heard that very distinct sound of a tank full of gallons of water and gravel falling 6 feet to the very absorbant carpet below! Somehow it missed their computer! Needless to say I did not talk like every good mom would and my boys probably learned more new words that they should not learn from their mother! Teaghen had decided to try and crawl down the wrong side of the bunk bed while in the mean time sitting on the shelf!

While I was screaming at my boys to help pick up the rock and get me more towels, Tavin was in the kitchen where he had climbed up on the counter and pushed the bags of fish and frogs off the edge, and was dragging them all over the house. How the bags did not get a hole in them, or pop all together, I have no idea!
Two hours later I was throwing my kids in to bed, without a story or prayers!

The next morning I came home from working out and the boys had their frogs and fish in the bags on their beds. I was so mad because they were not suppose to touch them or take them off the counter. So I told them to get their butts and Damn frogs and fish in the living room. Then Taite said "Come on you Damn Frogs!" I died laughing!
And to make the day even better. . . I had to call poison control when both Jer and I, both gave Taite a double dose of his ADHD Meds! Thankfully we didn't have to take him to the emergency room. Instead he was just really depressed all day! AWESOME!

I hurried and gave the boys some breakfast so I jump in the shower while they ate. I came out to the kitchen where Tavin had an Oatmeal food fight with himself and Oatmeal was everywhere.
I get to the preschool and get ready to take preschool class pictures when my tripod broke. And when I came home and loaded my pictures onto my computer, my card crapped out and I lost about half of the pictures!

That afternoon Jer called to tell me that one of the frogs had passed away. Later that same night before I went to bed I checked on the other frog to see it floating. To make sure I poked it with a pen . . . and yep he was DEAD!
Oh yah, did I forget to say that Taite had show and tell the next morning and he was so excited to take his frogs! When I broke the news to Taite I think he could careless that they were dead, he was just mad he didn't get to take them to preschool. But Max the super dog was now the Show in Tell and Taite was very proud and forgot all about Rhino and Bolt (the frogs!)

In our married life we have had 7 dogs, 3 fish and 2 frogs! Thank goodness Kids are not that easily disposed of!