Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

I usually am rushing my boys off to bed at 8 pm so mommy can have quite time! I gave in and let them stay up on new years eve! Taite was knocked out 20 min to 12am and Tavin was gone hours before... but Teaghen was a Trooper! We were at my cousins, where we played the wii all night long until it was time. We all ran upstairs to watch the ball drop in Time Square on the TV. We were passing around the bubbly (sparkly cider). Teaghen was reluctant to drink it until I explained to him that it was just apple juice with some bubbles!! So as we counted down I watched Teaghen place his cup to his lips shaking with excitement! As soon as we counted to one, Teaghen started to chug his drink. Then he got embarrassed as he watched everyone give each other cheers. It was pretty cute! He was trying to be so mature. Then he went around and gave everyone hugs and said "I wish you a happy new year!" But defiantly no new years Kiss! Jer was working and Teaghen doesn't go there! (I'm a girl!)


Mardi said...

That's a bummer that I totally missed you!! Sorry I haven't called you back...but if it makes you feel any better I haven't called anyone back! We are home hopefully things will calm down enough that I can start returning calls and filling in the details!
Looks like a fun New Years for you too!! That is a darling picture of Teaghen!

The Burrs said...

Teagan is going to be a little heart breaker! He is so Dang CUTE!