Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finding the Cure For Cancer!

Our Awesome cousin Megan is in her last rounds of chemo for her breast cancer, so needless to say she is in our prayers every night along with our Grandpa Day who has Cancer of the bladder.  Every night we ask Heavenly Father to help them be healthy and strong.  So being the inquisitive child Teaghen is, he has asked me a few time what is Cancer and where did Megan's hair go?  So I try
 to explain to him in the simplest terms, but I know it is still confusing to him.  
This Saturday my cousins the Jacob family all went to Salt Lake City to participate in the Race for the Cure with Megan. I don't remember answering any question about the Race but maybe I did, but yesterday morning I was working on the computer when I was listening in on a conversation Teaghen and Taite were having about earning Tokens which turned into earning money. 
 Then the lightbulb went off in Teaghen's head. 
"I know Taite!  We could run and people can give us money and we can give it to people with Cancer and then they can get their hair back!" 
Taite "Why don't they have hair?"
Teaghen "Cause they have Cancer!"  There was a moment of silence...  I knew what was coming next!Teaghen turned to me and asked "Mom, does Dad have cancer?"
After I stopped laughing I just explained that "Dad just doesn't have hair!"
Which Teaghen said it all with a very sad and puzzled look!
So I guess there is something worse then Cancer... being BALD!



Kellie, Jeremy, Natalie, Emma and Dani said...

Great story!!! Jer and I were cracking up!! Don't you just love being able to blog and brag!?

Cher said...

I'm so glad Jer doesn't have cancer!!! I can see how when Teaghen made the connection he would be scared!