Sunday, April 20, 2008

Super Hero Powers Revealed!

The other day I was having a conversation with Teaghen when he explained that he was smart because was four and he said he would be smarter when he turned five. So I said "well if you get smarter as you get older then mom and dad are really smart because we are really old, huh?"
Then Teaghen replied "No you're not smart, because you guys don't have super Hero powers like me!"
He is very secretive about his powers but today as we were looking at some pictures we had taken at the Air and Space Museum and I made the comment, "Man you guys get the worst red eyes in pictures!"
Then Teaghen said "That's because I have Lasers!"
Although that sounds funny to us, I truely think he believes it!


Threlfall Mysteries said...

I love it, I think you're right, I'm sure he thinks he has super powers. They are hilarious, these little boys.

Sandy said...

I'm glad I found your fun blog. Your boys are a hoot. That means "really funny". I love reading about them - and you, too, of course. You can visit me at or
Keep those stories coming and I'll keep reading. Love you all, Sandy

Ellen H said...

Kevin has a super power. He is able to make things disappear just when he is looking for them. My power, of course, exceeds his since I am able to make them appear when it is time for me to look. He was really bummed he wasn't able to see you last week.