Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coupon Party

So I really don't like go to these parties let alone throw one. . . But I went to this coupon party at my friends about 10 weeks ago and I have saved $100's I mean $100's of dollars and I want to pass on the secret to you guys! The only thing they will be selling is a subscription to the newspaper, so you can receive the coupons in the sunday paper. You can still benefit even if you don't get the paper. I have truly built up my food storage and gotten free food! Our budget for two weeks is $250 and on friday I went shopping and only spent around $120. Blah Blah Blah!
So Where, wha,t and when, you say!?

When: Friday 19th
Time: 7pm
Where: Ryanne's house!

The only thing I get out of this is a $20 gift card if I have 5 people there! But truly I just want to pass on the savings that I have gotten! If you shop at a grocery store or eat food. . . you need to come! Bring your friends who eat food too! Some of my receipts totals are
$41.90 total $14.02 after coupons
$54.60 total $28.03 after coupons
$23.93 total $2.95 after coupons

Just think if we all put $50 a mth away from the extra we save, we could have a killer girls weekend!

If you could be so kind to let me know if you are coming one way or another!


The Burrs said...

Hey! I can't make it, but you could still send me the info k?

Hopie said...

I FOUND YOU!!! I wish I could have come to the coupon party, I was a little busy!!! Maybe I can learn the tricks another way!!!