Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hillbilly Smoky Mountains!

So when I heard we were going to the Smoky Mountains National Park for our Day Family Reunion I was excited!  I truly had no idea what was in store!  I have been all over the Dixieland and never seen anything like this!  I am sure this is where Jeff Foxworthy gets most of his "You know you're a Redneck..." jokes.  (No offense to my fellow southerners!  I love the south!)

First stop matter where you are, North, South, East, or West you can find your local haven of Rednecks at Wally World!  

First question, "When was the last time you drove your dune buggy to the store? 
If you look close you will notice the gas tank is a keg.  Who knows, they may get better gas milage the all ya'll!

Do I really have to say anything about the bummer stickers!

I saw signs in the parking lot for airbrushed t-shirts and I thought to myself isn't that a little out dated, like the 80's?  Little did I know that Airbrushing is the "it" thing in this town and every store on the main street does it.  So if you have mad airbrushing skills and paint is running through your veins, this is the city for you!  The unicorn is my fav!
The main strip was like the Vegas of mini putt putts, and amusement park rides!
There was everything from buildings turned completely upside down, Elvis and Friends, 50 putt putts, 50 go cart tracks, and tons of confederates shops with Rebel flags that have deer in the middle of the flag, to the little chapel voted "Best" continuously from 2000 -2007!  I don't know who gets to vote because they must not want to hurt anyones feelings.  There was no second place here.  Everyone it the BEST! Also for those of you who didn't know Dollywood is here too!

All these exciting things where brought to you by the great city of Pigeon Forge TN!
Yet 5 miles up the street is a High Class city Gatlinbury TN.  It's like a Hillbilly Park City!  
They even have Hillbilly miniture golf.  It looked like you had to ride a old mining elevator up to the course!
Not quite sure, but I think in other countries cooter's means a special part of one's body!  
Here it is this fine mans name!
Not sure what they serve there but I'm pretty sure this lady ate there! 
"Check out her Cooter's!"  
It was a very fun trip!  Very Educational too!

I do have some more Redneck video but I can't get it to work so if I can get it to work look for an update!


Just Rawlings Along said...

Wow...I wish my cooters looked like that:)
That is awesome looks like you are having a ball. Have fun in redneck and land.
Come home soon...we miss you!

Threlfall Mysteries said...

This is hilarious Ry, I can't believe there are things like this that still even exist. Thanks for the education.

Amy said...

That is soooo funny! I completely understand the things you have seen, serving a mission in Mississippi and all. I noticed that they used Duct Tape for EVERYTHING! It was Hillarious when I first got there...very educational.