Sunday, July 13, 2008

Indiana Jones

Of course we lovvvvve birthday parties at our house! We plan them all year round. . . Well Teaghen and Taite do! Every year I think I have to one up the last party. It's a sick addiction! So when Teaghen said he wanted to do a Indiana Jones party my brain started to tick! We had everything from monkey brains, to the real Indiana Jones (aka Papa!)
We went to the splashpad, which is great for keeping the kids occupied while all of them arrived. Of course we had to do the tribal tattoos. Then we fished through monkey brains, eyeballs and a snake pit to find puzzle pieces, which revealed the location of the treasure.
Once they figured out where the treasure was, Indiana Jones was their guide that helped them get through the jungle, over the crocodile pit, crawl their way through the quicksand, and barely escaped from the scorpions, snakes, and fire ants to find...

One of the things I think I get more pleasure in then they do, is the cake! Teaghen's cake was the Temple of Doom with a bouncy ball covered in frosting and gram crackers, that was rolling after the Lego Indiana Jones.
The cake had a few casualties starting with the temple falling backwards off the cake, then the back of the cake came off due to holding up the Temple. Then the next morning before we left I caught Taite trying to hide in the fridge after he had taken a big bite out of the side of the cake! Man that kid is fast! He always knows he's in trouble because he closes his eye, thinking that when he opens them mom will be gone and no punishment will be administered! WRONG! I never seem to disappear, Strange! I know!
All in all Teaghen had another awesome birthday, and hopefully all were entertained! Thank you to everyone who helped me and who came! Teaghen has some great friends!

Happy 5th Birthday Teaghen!
p.s. Big Thanks to Indiana Jones (Papa)! You were awesome!


April said...

I'm totally impressed...I only wish I could do birthdays at the splash pad but both boys' birthdays are November!! Which leaves kids running around my house instead. I'll put you on my birthday planning commitee anytime. Congrats about Rocco.

Sistersapp said...

Awh Man! That sounds GREAT! Will you do my birthday party? It's New Years have plenty of time to think up something amazing!

Cher said...

You are so creative and fun! I actually kind of dread birthdays for the kids. I have a hard time keeping everyone happy at the parties. Next time I'll have to pick your brain. Sorry we missed it. We drove straight home from Arizona. Thanks for thinking of us though!!!!

Mardi said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Sorry we had to ruin our friendship over me not making it! :) Awesome cake though...I might have to use your skills when my kids have party's.

The Childs said...

I'm bumed we couldn't be there! It sounds like it was fun, just like all of your parties are. You are just so good at planning parties!

Just Rawlings Along said...

That was such a fun party! You are a very creative girl. Thanks for having us. Oh by the way Happy late birthday Ryanne. I think that we need to celebrate again, what do you think?:)
Be safe coming home
lotza luv:)