Saturday, July 26, 2008

Picture This!

For those of you who are wondering about my Picture This company I talk about, this dvd is the kind of stuff I do. I made this DVD invitation for my friend's son's Star Wars Birthday party. She is as crazy about birthdays as I am. I love it. I think it turned out well. Go check out my Picture This Blog to find other videos I've done.  Don't forget to tell your friends and family if they want a fun gift idea to give me a call!
Ryanne Day 435-862-7560

Also if anyone is interested I've started to playing around with some photography and for a small donation I would love some guinea pigs to work with.  So if you want an updated family picture or cute shots of the kids give me a call!  You can see some of my pictures on my picture this blogs also.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my passions to make my hobbies into my career!
p.s. Yes the one behind the mask is yours truly!


Amy said...

Hey Ryanne,
I need to speak to Jason but we may be interested in getting some family pictures. Let me know how much you'd charge?

Threlfall Mysteries said...

Girl, update your blog! I'm missing seeing recent photo's of your fam and so is Vincie. He asked to see Teagan and Taite today, so we pulled up your blog. By the way, you do amazing work. It's so fun to see your it. Keep it up, can't wait to see you in less than a week baby!