Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kindergarden! ya waz up!

It is official! Teaghen is now a school bound child!  He is in Kindergarden and loving everyday.  He is in a dual emersion program where he learns everything in english and the next day he goes to another class that is completely in spanish.  It's fun!  He has already learned Red and Yellow in Spanish.  Mom keeps bugging him by quizzing him on his spanish.  Hopefully I will pick up on some of it on the way! 

He is so smart he said "Mom I can see my brain!"  "oh you can?"  "Ya he replied!"  Jer and I sat there and watched Teaghen as his rolled his eyes up and his eyelids fluttered. 
Then he sighed  and said "My eyes won't go backwards today!" 
Oliva and Teaghen (Teaghen's Girlfriend!)
Teaghen and his friend Alex!
couldn't get them to look at the camera!


Will Thomas said...

Looks like he's got that school thing figured out, if he's already got the cute girl.

Now he just needs to grow a few inches to catch her in height!

Mardi said...

WOW! can you believe you have a child old enough to go to school?? How fun! At least you remembered to take a picture on the first day! I am going to try to remember that for Whitney's first day of preschool this year...since I totally failed at it last year!

Just Rawlings Along said...

Way to go Teag!!!! He looks so dang cute Ryanne. I haven't posted school yet. i will soon. I cacn't believe that our boys are in kindergarten! :)