Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Dad is Special!

The kids in Taite's preschool filled out these papers about their Dad's for Father's Day. Taite's answers were pretty hilarious. Some of my favorites are... 

I like to make my Dad smile by... taking pictures-I say cheese and then click he takes the picture.
I like it when my Dad... talks to the Bishop and pours me root beer.  (I not sure were he got talking to the Bishop thing from.  Maybe it was when we had to talk to him about Taite's addiction to Root Beer.)
My favorite answer is...
My Dad is smart!  He even to fall off a huge rock
and catch sharks!

"Yah that's right you wish your dad could catch sharks and fall off rocks!"
Happy Fathers Day Jeremiah!


Mardi said...

Love the root beer comment. Maybe he wouldn't be so addicted if Jer would stop pouring it for him! Ha ha

BTW- Sorry about not making it to the splash pad today...I totally forgot about it until I read my blog comments. Moving was and still is a NIGHTMARE...I swear I can't find anything! Lets hook up either Friday or Monday for the splash pad. I need a break!! Or we could screw the splash pad and have a girls night.... ;)

Suguturaga Family said...

Okay so he is really talented with falling off rocks, the bishop, and even catching shaarks. What has Jeremiah been telling them? hahaha. This post cracks me up.