Monday, June 2, 2008

Jesus will save us!

Over memorial day we went to see Indiana Jones movie (or as Teaghen says it Indy Andy Jones). Yah I know my kids are to young! But they loved it! So much so, that everything in Teaghen's imaginary world, has changed from Super Teaghen, to Adventures of Teaghen (I'm guessing it's suppose to be, like adventures of Indiana Jones). Anyways Sunday Teaghen was going on and on about in the movie "Adventures of Teaghen 2" when he spoiled the ending by telling me the Teaghen DIES! He continues to say "it's okay mom because Jesus brings him back to life!"  

Later that day after church he was filling up a tupperwear container with the hose when I got mad at him and told him to turn off the water. (of course everything goes in one ear and out the other) Then he started to bring it in the house and I told him not to. (in one ear out the other). He sets it down on the counter and sprints full speed across the room with his shoulder up by his ears and arms just a swingin'. When he gets back to the water he places Indy Andy Jones in the water and tells me he his going to baptism him! He was on a mission to get him baptised and no clean freak mom was going to stop him.
For those of you who were wondering. . . after the baptism Indy Andy Jones went to the park and played in the water then went to McDonald and came home and got a bath! Big day for Indy!


The Colvins said...

Your boys crack me up with all their comments about Jesus. But it goes to show that you guys are doing a great job with them because they know who Jesus is and they don't mind talking to Him, about Him, or the things He does. They are too cute!!

Mardi said...

I swear just reading your blog makes me need a NAP! ha ha I'm sure that you will have a one way ticket to heaven...
Your boys are too funny!

BTW-I have to pack up my house next Wed. (I actually have help coming...)so if we could change the splash pad/park to Monday that would be awesome! Let me know what you think!

Suguturaga Family said...

hahahaha. that is funny. I'm proud to see that Jesus is playing such an important role and a baptism already. He is in the missionary spirit. We totally grew up watching Indiana Jones.