Saturday, June 7, 2008

Caution "Wet Cement!"

Taite left his mark with a permanent marker on my sisters couch, so I'm sure Teaghen has been feeling a little left out!  But don't you worry, my clever little Teaghen found a permanent way to leave his mark!

My neighbors have been remodeling their house for the last year, and they are now just finishing up the outside and backyard.  So needless to say after watching the cement truck dump tons of cement to make a lovely patio in their backyard, Teaghen and his little friend Andy thought they would go check out.
Yes in deedy!  Little feet prints and scuff marks where left all over the cement.  Our neighbor had found some evidence left behind, and went door to door trying to see who's head would fit in the hat that would incriminate the trespassers.  I had never seen the hat before, but after our neighbor left I started to fit the puzzle pieces together and asked Teaghen if he had gone in  Jose's backyard.  And sure enough. . . he did!  The hat was Andy's.
Thank goodness that Jeremiah came home and did some quick thinking and asked another neighbor who pours cement if he could come help us literally "smooth things over."  With a lot of prays and apologies the little foot prints where sweep away before the cement completely dried!  


The Childs said...

Wow, you do have your hands full. I hope come the end of the day your boys crash. They should at least. You are probably grateful that you only have one more of these little ones to go. Good luck with that. I'm sure I will be calling you for advice in a couple of months.

Mardi said...

I echo Sara's comments! WOW!!! You REALLY DO have your hands full!! But hey, life is never boring right???