Sunday, April 22, 2007

Slip and Slide!!!!!!!

Trying to get to church on time is a life time goal in my house! Needless to say the little people in our house don't know how to read a clock! We, as we alway are, were running a little behind! I needed to get the boys out of the bath and dressed and then we would be on our way to recieve another gold star towards our making it to heaven chart! But the two little devil had a different plan. . . As I got closer to the bathroom I heard some giggling and a slapping noise and an aroma of "summertime melons" came from behind the door! I tried to open the door but it was being blocked by a very soapy naked little body! Taite had dumped out half a bottle of body soap and was proceeding to show his older brother how to slide across the floor! Needless to say I had to give them another bath but this time there was bubbles galore! Yah! no Gold star this week! I'm not sure but being the mother of these two I think I might get a "Go straight to Heaven" Card!