Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Adventures of T-n-T (Teaghen and Taite)

For many of you that know me and know my boys. . . you know I will be grey or bald in a few years to come! To say my boys are crazy is to say the least! So I've decided to start a blog on all my crazy adventures with them. Well it all started when they where born. Teaghen thought it would be fun to see how much pain he could put his mother in... weighing in a 9.3lb 21.5inches. Yet Taite was right behind him trying to one up his brother at a (no help from my epidural) whopping 10lbs 21inches. From that point on it has been one painful adventure after another. I can't remember all of them right now but some recent ones have been, dog poop in the dogs water bowl, jumping naked on the trampoline after giving the dog his poopy diaper, dumping the whole bag of cheerios on the floor, Sticking 3 washclothes, a dinosaur, a TMNT peez dispenser, and a plastic dog down our toilet (our plumber says that is a record, we are so proud), having a "how far can you pee off the bed" contest unstead of actually taking a nap, and countless food fights! Well those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. So to all of those who say boys are easier then girls. . . I hope your girls really give you hell when they hit puberty because boys aren't as easy as you think. Needless to say I still love my boys to death. So stay tuned for all the exciting stories to come!


Mardi said...

Oh Ryanne!! I love your stories!! I admittedly don't know a THING about having boys..but I do know that if there is one person that has the personality to deal with them and take it in stride its you...At least you see it with a sense of humor after the fact!!:)