Saturday, April 21, 2007

Warning: Permant marker is not for kids under 3

My sister just got the cutest dogs (one is a terrier of some sorts name rocco and the other is a cockapoo puppynamed sophie). So Taite is in love with the little puppy that is the size of your hand and was constantly loving it a little to much. So after making a makeshift snuggly out of a towel and rubberbands I was able to keep her out of harms way and get some stuff done around the house. So as I was putting on my make-up I had a mother's sick feeling to go see what Taite was up to. My gut was right and after I turned the corner I saw my sisters beautiful couch covered in permant marker! I was suddenly reminded why I'm not able to get a shower unless someone else is watching the boys! Needless to say I managed to get it out with some magic and a lot of positive thinking. Moral of the story. . . If someone is coming to your house that is shorter then 3.5 ft HIDE your PERMANT MARKERS!!!!!!!