Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Can I get a Jesus?!"

So I was laying down with Tavin when I hear Teaghen and Taite outside Screaming "Jesus!"  So I go to the window to see what's up. I asked why they were screaming Jesus, and they're answer was,  "We need to talk to him!"  I guess they don't understand the prayer concept.  But I really don't care because if they need to talk to someone, Jesus would be my first pick! 

Later they told me very disappointed that he didn't show up.  I think, they think Jesus is a superhero that is going to fly on into our backyard.  I told them not to give up.  But hopefully if he does show up I will at least have my teeth brushed!


The Childs said...

How cute! Don't we all wish we thought like little children? So how big is Tavin now?

April said...

Hey I think they've got the right idea. I think the superhero category fits pretty well. How adorable!!

Mardi said...

Isn't it funny how little kids think? I wish I had 1/2 of the faith that they have!! :)
We HAVE GOT to get together! I am going stir crazy and missing my girls day's out!! Sorry about the park on Sunday...I didn't even get you message until Tuesday! My cell phone was in the car...and apparently that is how long I go without going anywhere!! uuuggghhh!